SMIT Willem

SMIT Willem



研究领域:Branding;Marketing Strategy;Entrepreneurship

  • 2006: PhD Erasmus Universiteit, thesis title: “Market Information Sharing in Channel
    Relationships: Nature, Antecedents and Consequences”
  • 1999: Master of Science in Business Administration, Rotterdam School of Management


1. Strategy Making

  • Meehan, Seán, Patrick T. Barwise, Mark Vandenbosch, and Willem Smit (2011), “Capability
    Leveraging powered by Resource Bundling: The Case of Market Orientation and Organizational
    Culture.” IMD working paper
  • Read, Stuart, Michael Song, and Willem Smit (2009), “A Meta-Analytic Review of Effectuation
    and Venture Performance.” Journal of Business Venturing, 24 (6), 573-587
  • Smit, Willem, Gerrit H. van Bruggen, Berend Wierenga, and Manish Kacker (2009),
    “The Antecedents of Information Sharing in Marketing Channels.” ERIM Report Series.
  • Smit, Willem and Seán Meehan (2008), “Truth or Dare: A Study of Falsehoods in Market
    Intelligence Dissemination within Organizations.” IMD working paper

2. Branding

  • Koschat, Martin A., and Willem Smit (2014), “What Matters More for Me: Where I Shop?
    Or What I Buy? The Weights of Retailer and Manufacturer Brands in Consumer’s Grocery
    Shopping Trip Preferences.” IMD working paper 2009-03, to be submitted for review
    (Journal of International Marketing)
  • Smit, Willem (2014), “Is Fame Everywhere the Same: Two Studies on the International
    Transferability of Celebrity Endorsements” Conference Paper.
  • Smit, Willem, and Micheal Sorell (2010), “Why China Still Can’t Build Global Brands.”
    Harvard Business Review, January-February 2010
  • Bris, Arturo Willem Smit, and Michael Sorell (2010), “The Value of the Global Brand:
    Is Perception Reality?” IMD working paper.
  • Smit, Willem, Claudia Binz, and Joachim Schwass (2010), “Family Firm Status as a
    Branding Signal: On the Strength and Consistency of Signaling Family Involvement
    in Corporate Branding Strategies” IMD working paper
  • Smit, Willem Joachim Schwass, and Claudia Binz (2010), “Do Still Waters Run Deep?
    A Study on Family Involvement Disclosure in Corporate Branding Strategies” IMD working

3. CMO Career Paths

  • Smit, Willem, Felicitas Morhart, Séan Meehan, and Sébastien Groux (2010), “A Lasting
    Marketing Impact at the Top: Individual and Organizational Factors In