Ulf Henning Richter Ulf Henning Richter

副教授 国际商务与战略

院系: 工商管理系

邮箱: ulf.richter@tongji.edu.cn

办公电话: 021-65983099



  • 2008: 经济科学博士 瑞士洛桑大学
  • 2007: 访问博士 艺术与科学研究生院 美国哈佛大学 英国剑桥大学
  • 2003: 工商管理商学硕士(MBA) 德国欧洲商学院


  • 全球化和供应链转变
  • 全球治理和协商民主
  • 战略创新和新兴市场的制度变迁
  • 中国对外投资


  • 全球商业和战略管理
  • 国际管理
  • 商业伦理和企业社会责任 



  • 06/16至今: 同济大学 副教授
  • 09/12-05/1: 诺丁汉大学宁波分校 助理教授
  • 09/10-06/1: 美国波特兰州立大学 访问助理教授
  • 09/09-10/1: 秘鲁天主教大学 教授 首席研究员
  • 09/08-12/0: 科特迪瓦大巴萨姆国际大学 助理教授 


  • 2011年至今: 访问学者 欧洲工商管理学院社会创新中心
  • 2012年至今: 科特迪瓦工商业联合会代表
  • 2012年至今: 德国慕尼黑Waali汽车集团创始人董事长 


  • 德国(母语)
  • 英语(书面和口语流利)
  • 法语(书面和口语流利)
  • 西班牙(书面和口语流利)



  • 2014 Balakrishnan, M.S., Michael, I., Papadopoulos, N., Hamzaoui-Essoussi, L., Mavondo, F., Richter, U. H., and Joseph, T.: Optimizing Nation-City-Corporate-Product Brand Fit for the UAE: Effects of Consumer Familiarity, Perceived Country Values, and Product Origin on Buyer Behaviour” – UAE National Research Foundation University-Industry Research Collaboration Award (U-IRCA 2014) competition. Grant with industry partners Ju-meriah Group, UAE Exchange and M&C Saachti. AED 175,000 (303,000 RMB).
  • 2014 Ningbo Environment and Sanitation Management Office: “Research on systems and mechanism for promoting the integration of rural and urban sanitation in Ningbo. Collaborative grant with Dr. Peter Hofman (Principal Investigator) and Shijin ZHOU, NUBS China, RMB 150,000.
  • 2009 USAID/Higher Education for Development, part of the Africa-U.S. Higher Education Initiative Planning Grant. Co-Investigator. Collaborative grant with Sally Wallace (Principal Investigator), Georgia State University, and Dr. Koffi N’Da, International University of Grand Bassam, US $100,000 (US $50,000 plus US $50,000 matching funds from Georgia State University).
  • 2007 Stiftung Wertevolle Zukunft, Hamburg, Germany. Co-Investigator. Collaborative grant with Dr. Guido Palazzo (Principal Investigator) for software development on visualizing the social and environmental impact of multinational companies’ activities along supply chains, US $500,000.
  • 2006 Hewlett Packard, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild SA, Noble Biocare, Switzerland. Various sponsorships with Dr. Guido Palazzo (Principal Investigator) for 1st Swiss Master Class on Corporations as Political Actors at the University Lausanne, in collaboration with UN Global Compact, US $80,000.




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  • Palazzo, G., & U. H. Richter. (2007): CSR Business as Usual? The Case of the Tobacco Industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 61(4): 387 – 401.


  • Richter, U. H. (2009): “Corporate Responsibility in the Postnational Constellation – A Multiple Case Study”, SVH-Verlag, Saarbrücken, 408 pages.