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Curriculum Related

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Year Curriculum
First Year Compulsory Courses Econometrics

Specialty Practice

Management Research Methodology

Advanced Management

Project Investment and Finance Analysis


Optional Courses Financial management Research

Intermediate Microeconomics


Enterprises Risk Management and Control

Managerial Economics in China

Management in China

Applied Statistics

Advanced Technical and Economic Analysis

Chinese History and Culture

China’s Socio-Economic Development

Sustainable Development in China

Intercultural Communication

China’s Gesellschaft und Kultur

China’s Foreign Affairs and International Relation

Introduction to Chinese Music and Songs

Traditional ethnic sports

Chinese Intellectual Property Protection


Subsequent Years Thesis writing and internship
Student types Scholarships Remark How to apply
Chinese students Chinese students Cover the tuition http://yz.tongji.edu.cn/
International students Chinese government scholarship Shanghai government scholarship http://study.tongji.edu.cn/
Shanghai government scholarship A:tuition,accomodation,RMB3000/month