On Campus

Announcement of International Students Center

  1. We only accommodate students who are eligible to study in Tongji, no
    friends or spouses from other schools.
  2. Students will be allocated into rooms only by Students center that means
    your room mate should be chosen by students center.
  3. All students need to bring deposit 1500 RMB plus one semester room
    fees(around 40 rmb per day per person), “admission notice” from school.
  4. If you would like to apply for new accommodation, please
    call:0086-21-65983001 International students center.
  5. Students need to apply for internet in the China Telecom company which
    locates in main campus.
  6. Single rooms will not be available to students, and you will have to
    share it with another students.

Note: Possible special scholarship available if
lives on campus.

Close to Campus

TONGJI Guest House  (Three Star)
Tel: 0086-21-65016969
Address: No. 69, ZhangWu Road


Days Hotel TONGJI Shanghai  (Four Star)
Tel: 0086-21-33626888
Address: No. 50, ZhangWu Road