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Mario Rafael Silva
Mario Rafael Silva

Assistant Professor

Department: Department of Economics

+86 21 6598 2274, 

  • 2012.09 – 2017.06, PhD Economics, University of California Irvine (Irvine, USA)
  • 2012.09 – 2017.06, MS Economics, University of California Irvine (Irvine, USA)
  • 2005.06 – 2009.06, BS Mathematics, Stanford University (Palo Alto, USA)


  • 2012.03 – 2012.08, Data analyst at ECON ONE RESEARCH


  • October 2019: Peking University HSBC, Shenzhen
  • July 2019: Western Economics Association International, San Francisco
  • May 2019: Seminar (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
  • May 2018: Society of Economic Measurement Conference, Xiamen University
  • April 2018 : Seminars (Tongji University, Ashoka University)
  • December 2017: Seminar (Tongji University)
  • June 2017: Society for Computational Economics (New York)
  • May 2017: Midwest Macroeconomics (Baton Rouge)
  • June 2016: Western Economic Association International (Portland)
  • May 2016: West Coast Search and Matching Workshop (San Francisco Federal Reserve)
  • May 2016: Midwest Macroeconomics (Purdue University)
  • 2015: Search, Money, Liquidity, and Finance Workshop for PhD Students, UC Irvine
  • May 2015: Midwest Macroeconomics Workshop (St. Louis)


  • “Unsecured Credit, Product Variety, and Unemployment Dynamics” (2020), forthcoming at Macroeconomic Dynamics
  • “Corporate Finance, Monetary Policy, and Aggregate Demand” (2019), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
  • “New Monetarism with Endogenous Product Variety and Monopolistic Com- petition” (2017), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
  • “Decentralizing Constrained-Efficient Allocations in the Lagos-Wright Pure Currency Economy,” (2017) joint with Ayushi Bajaj, Guillaume Rocheteau, and Tai-Wei Hu, Journal of Economic Theory


  • “Liquidity, Unemployment, and the Stock Market” (2020) joint with William Branch, in submission
  • “Shopping time and Net Product Creation over the Cycle”(2020), in submission

– Consumption variety depends on the number of producers and time spent shopping

– Role of exogenous disturbances to demand, technology (both total-factor and investment-specific), and entry costs on productivity and other macroeconomic series


“ Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning Keynes” with Fabio Milani


  • PhD Macroeconomics (Spring 2019, 2020)

Covers time series, dynamic programming methods, real business cycle theory and extensions, heterogeneous agents, the basic New Keynesian model, business cycle models of firm entry and endogenous variety, and unemployment theory with goods and credit market frictions. The course helps train students to simulate model using the Python language. Includes discussion of value function iteration, Eulerequation based methods, and log linearization.

  • Money and Banking (Fall 2018, 2019)

Advanced undergraduate. Treatment of commodity money, fiat money, inflation, international monetary systems, price surprises, capital, liquidity and financial intermediation, fully backed central bank money, the payments system, and bank risk.

  • Market Structure, Innovation, and the Macroeconomy (Spring 2018, 2019)

Masters level course which incorporates insights from industrial organization and imperfect competition and explores their macroeconomic implications in terms of innovation, growth, trade and the formation of new goods.

  • Basic and intermediate micro-and macroeconomics, intermediate econometrics, game theory, global economy
  • Wrote exam questions for intermediate macroeconomics (ECON 100C)


  • Project with Linda Cohen and Amihai Glazer linking alumni university do-nations to patents (used Bloomberg Law, Westlaw Campus for legal dockets)


  • American Economics Association, Student Member
  • Economic Inquiry, Refereeing


  • National Natural Science Foundation of China Research Fund for International Young Scientists
  • Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship (awarded for Fall 2017)
  • Economics Merit Fellowship
  • Summer Research Fellowship (2014, 2015, 2016)
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