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Carol Hsu
Carol Hsu

Distinguished Professor

Department: Management Science and Engineering

  • Ph.D. in Information Systems, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • MSc in Information Systems, London School of Economics and Political Science

Research Interest

Information Security and Risk Management; Information Technology Adoption and Diffusion; Digital Innovation

Teaching Interests

Strategic Information Systems; Information Technology Innovation in Financial Sector; Digital Innovation

Selected Publications

  • Lee, J. Yang C. S., Hsu, C. and Wang, J. H. (2019) “A Longitudinal Study of Leader Influence in Sustaining an Online Community” Information & Management, 56(2), pp. 306-316
  • Yen, J-C., Lim, J-H., Wang, T. and Hsu, C. (2018) “The Impact of Audit Firms’ Characteristics on Audit Fees Following Information Security Breaches” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy,37(6), pp. 489-507
  • Lee, Y., Panteli, N., Boulow.A-M, and Hsu, C. (2018) “Email Adaptation for Conflict Handling: A Case Study of Cross-border Inter-Organizational Partnership in East Asia,” Information Systems Journal, 28(2), pp.318-339
  • Yang, S., Hsu, C., Sarker, S. and Lee, A. (2017) “Enabling Effective Operational Risk Management in a Financial Institution: An Action Research Study” Journal of Management Information Systems, 34(3), pp.727-753
  • Silva, L, Hsu, C., Backhouse, J., and McDonnell, A. (2016) “Resistance and Power in a Security Certification Scheme: The Case of c:cureDecision Support Systems, 92, pp.68-78
  • Wei, L-C, Hsu, C, and Wang, K. (2016) “Intentions of Employees to Whistleblow Information Security Policy Violations in the Organization” Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems 26(1), pp. 163-188
  • Hsu, C., Lin, Y-T. and Wang, T. (2015) "A Legitimacy Challenge: An Institutional Perspective on the Implementation of a Cross-Cultural Interorganizational Information System” European Journal of Information System, 24(3), pp.278-294)
  • Hsu, C. Huang, J. and Galliers, R.D. (2014) " Conceptualizing the Dynamics of Rhetorical Practice and Technological Frame in the Context of Technology Diffusion and Adoption Information & Management, 51(8), pp.984-994
  • Hsu, C., Backhouse, J., and Silva, L. (2014) “Institutionalizing Operational Risk Management: An Empirical Study” Journal of Information Technology, 29(1), pp. 44-58
  • Hsu, C. and Yang, S. (2013)"Achieving Online Relationship Marketing via Tourism Blogs: A Social Network Perspective” Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information System,5(4), pp. 1-2
  • Wang, T. and Hsu, C. (2013) "Board Composition and Operational Risk Events of Financial Institutions" Journal of Banking and Finance, 37(6), pp. 2042-2051 (SSCI impact factor: 1.299)
  • Hsu, C., Lee, J.N., and Straub, D. (2012) “Institutional Influences on Information Security Innovations,” Information Systems Research, 23(3), pp.918-939
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  • Hsu, C. (2009) “Frame Misalignment: Interpreting the Implementation of Information Systems Security Certification in an Organization” European Journal of Information Systems, 19(2), pp. 140-150
  • Backhouse, J., Baptista, J., and Hsu, C. (2006) “Rating Certificate Authorities: A Market Approach to the Lemons Problem” The Journal of Information Systems Security, 2(2), pp.1-14
  • Backhouse, J., Hsu, C., and Silva, L. (2006) “Circuits of Power in Creating de jure Standards: Shaping the International Information Systems Security Standard” MIS Quarterly, 30, pp. 413-438
  • Backhouse, J., Hsu, C., Tseng, J., and Baptista, J. (2005) “A Question of Trust- An Economics Analysis of Quality Standards in Certification Services Market” Communications of the ACM, 48(9), pp. 87-91
  • Backhouse, J., Hsu, C., and McDonell, A. (2003) “Towards PKI Interoperability: Lessons from a BS7799 Accreditation Scheme” Communications of the ACM, 46(4), pp. 98-100

Editorial Services:

Information Systems Journal (SE); Journal of Strategic Information Systems (SE); Information & Management (AE);