The Case Centre of the Tongji SEM (School of Economics and Management) was set up to fulfill the school’s mission “to create management knowledge and develop leading professionals for China and the world who are capable of solving practical problems while addressing the challenges of business and society with a global perspective, responsibility and in a sustainable way”. The centre has been deliciated to advancing case development and case teaching method.

The main responsibilities of the Case Centre include: (1) to encourage and support the SEM faculty members to develop teaching cases, (2) to promote case teaching method at the School; (3) to facilitate intra- and inter-school communication and exchanges of case-based learning & teaching experience amid faculty members/students;(4) to summerise the experience of successful companies and to develop individualised cases commissioned by enterprises including the ones founded by Tongji alumni. 

By the end of Year 2017, the SEM faculty members have completed tens of original cases with additions under development. Besides, the centre organised the faculty members to participate in the Annual Business Case Contests among Chinese Universities, which were organized by the China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee. At the events, four cases from our school have been awarded “National 100 Outstanding Business Cases”.

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