Title: How to Continuously Develop High Quality Cases

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Lixin PAN

Time:  13:30-15:30,Nov. 19th, 2018

Place:  Room 308, Tongji Building A

Language:  Chinese

Abstract: Associate Prof. Dr. Lixin PAN content includes: the benefits of “dedicating” case development and teaching, the model of professional dissertation development case, the concerns in the development of accounting teaching cases, and the classroom organization of case teaching.

Title: Innovative Case of Automotive Core Components

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Xiangyang XU

Time:  14:00-16:00,Step. 21st, 2018

Place:  Room 308, Tongji Building A

Language:  Chinese

Abstract: If China wants to become a car power from a big car country, it must cross the threshold of core components. The automatic transmission is one of the most important core components of the car. Dr. Xiangyang XUN focused on the innovation achievements and challenges faced by China’s automatic transmission enterprises in the past ten years.


Title:  How to Publish Research Case in “MANAGEMENT WORLD”?

Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Jinlian LUO

Time:   13:30-15:30,Sept. 26th, 2018

Place:   Room 306, Tongji Building A

Language:   Chinese

Abstract:  Professor Luo’s research case “Choice in the Fog: Research on Coping strategies of managers` tension management in the context of innovation ” won the best paper of “China Enterprise Management Case and Qualitative Research Forum (2017)” , proposed to be published in the “MANAGEMENT WORLD”. Professor Luo use this paper as an example to share with you the role and decision-making process of dual leadership behavior in a complex environment, as well as the method of upgrading to theoretical innovation, and also share the experience of combining high-quality research cases with teaching cases.

Title:  Clarifying the Misunderstanding of Case Teaching and Case Development

Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Shih-Fen CHEN

Time:  09:00–11:30,June 09, 2018

Place:  Room 202, Tongji Building A

Language:  Chinese

Abstract:  Case teaching method is the most suitable teaching method for management training. In business schools around the world, management cases are widely used but also misused or even abused. Some teachers without case teaching experience also started to develop cases. The problem is that case teaching methods are highly specialized. Untrained teachers engage in case teaching and case development, and it is easy to misunderstand the teaching method. The purpose of this lecture is to clarify some teachers’ misunderstandings of the case teaching method.

Title:  How to Integrate Case Development and Case Teaching?

Speaker:  Prof. Dr. William X. Wei

Time:  14:00–16:30,May 28, 2018

Place:  Room 309, Tongji Building A

Language:  Chinese

Abstract:  With his 11 Ivey cases, Prof. Wei introduces faculty and students to the excitement and exhilaration of case learning and teaching, giving them key insights into the case method. Prof. Wei will share his experiences in following aspects: how case methods are used in leading business schools, how to publish cases with Ivey effectively, how to make the classroom come alive, how to create a case teaching plan, how to cope with challenges when writing cases.

Title:  The Power of Case Method: Experience Sharing from CEIBS

Speaker:  Dr. Leiping XU, Dr. Liman ZHAO

Time:  14:00–16:30   March 30, 2018

Place:  Room 308, Tongji Building A

Language:  Chinese

Abstract:  Dr. Leiping Xu will talk about the relationship between case method and management education, the criteria and process of case evaluation and the user guidance at ChinaCases.Org, as well as the progress of Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform.Besides, Dr. Liman Zhao, with years’ experience of case writing, will share with the audience how to develop well received teaching cases. She will also share her insights on developing different types of cases (field case, library case and case series), designing case outlines, writing teaching note, and publishing cases with international case publishers.

Title:Experience of Continuously Developing Awarded Cases

Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Jiaxun HE

Time:  14:00–16:00,Dec. 7, 2017

Place:  Room 309, Tongji Building A

Language:  Chinese

Abstract:  Based on his experience of case writing for many years, Professor He will share his ideas and thoughts about the writing technique for high quality business cases. The main suggestion is to integrate the writing approaches of the research and teaching cases, so as to improve the depth of the cases and raise its classroom teaching effect.

Title:  How to Develop Teaching Cases Efficiently?

Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Hongwei WANG

Time:  14:00–15:30,Nov. 7th, 2017

Place:  Room 308, Tongji Building A

Language:  Chinese

Abstract: Taking his own cases as an example, Prof. Hongwei WANG will share his experience in case development and positive impact of case development on teaching quality.