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作        者: 王洪伟 高松 戴光昱 涂锋


案  例  库:中国工商管理国际案例库


摘        要:本案例描述了全球领先的医疗技术企业AB公司,在收购存在竞争关系的CF公司后,两者的中国分公司在企业流程重组、售后信息系统整合中所面临的路径选择,以及整合后的成效。在流程整合阶段面临两种选择:1.基于AB案件登记系统的改进,成本低,契合公司原有组织结构;2.基于CF的SalesForce模块,融入AB系统的案件字段理念开发新系统,此方案开发难度大,初期投资高,但能显著提高公司整体服务水平,符合客户实际需求,更具竞争优势。AB公司迎难而上,采用第二种方案。但在实际运行阶段,新系统给工程师,接线员和客户带来诸多不便。AB公司研究后采用了“ 管理+技术”双管齐下的改进方案:加大培训力度并引入微软云平台、手机端程序、人工智能等技术。AB在成功完成业务流程和信息系统整合后,行业竞争优势显著提升。

Abstract:   This case describes the path choice faced by the Chinese subsidiaries of AB, the world’s leading medical technology company, in the process reorganization and integration of after-sales information system after the acquisition of CF, which is a competitive company, and the effect after the integration.In the process integration stage, there are two choices: 1. Based on the improvement of AB case registration system, the cost is low and it conforms to the original organizational structure of the company; 2.2. The new system was developed by integrating the cf-based SalesForce module into the case field concept of AB system, which was difficult to develop and had a high initial investment, but could significantly improve the overall service level of the company, meet the actual needs of customers, and have more competitive advantages.AB rose to the challenge and adopted the second plan.But in practice, the new system has caused inconvenience to engineers, operators and customers.After research, AB company adopted a two-pronged improvement plan of “management + technology” : increase training efforts and introduce Microsoft cloud platform, mobile terminal program, artificial intelligence and other technologies.After the successful completion of the integration of business process and information system, AB’s competitive advantage in the industry has been significantly improved.

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