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YAN Shumin
YAN Shumin

Professor, PhD Advisor

Department: Organizational Management (Proposed)



  • 2000-2002, Post-doctorate, Mobile postdoctoral station of Xi’an Jiaotong University.
  • 2000, Ph.D. Management. Northwest A&F Scientific University.
  • 1995, M.S. Management. Northwestern Agricultural University.
  • 1987, B.S. Geography. East China Normal University.


  •    The Lake Thai basin authority: Team management and team creativity.
  •    Nanning Business and Government Ministry of Labour and Social Security: Strategic human resource management.
  •    Nanning Business and Government Ministry of Labour and Social Security: Human resources management ability.
  •    Shanghai Government: Human resources training and development. Shanghai International Port: Managers of leadership type-management oriented by performance. Medium and high,
  •    Shanghai’s Pulitzer: Human resource training. Medium and high
  •    Shanghai Volkswagent. HR Managers

Teaching Positions

  •    Aug., 2002 - Now: Associate and Full Professor, School of Economics & Management, Tongji University
  •    Aug., 2000 - Aug., 2002: Postdoctoral. Mobile postdoctoral station of Xi’an Jiaotong University.
  •    Jan., 1992 - Aug., 2000: Assistant Professor, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University.

Business Experience

  •    Jul., 1987 - Dec., 1991 Assistant, Engineer. Remote Sensing Center. Ningxia,

International Experience

  •    Aug., 2014 – Aug.,2015: Visiting Scholar, Marshall School of Business ,University of South California


  •    Human Resource
  •    Organization Behavior


  •    Human Resource Management
  •    leadership

Sponsored Research Projects

  •   Optimization Design of Sales Compensation System for Zhongwang Longteng Software Company. In Guangzhou. May.,2013-Dec.,2013
  •    Research of the Growth Law and Development Measure of High-level Femal. Ministry of Education. Jan.,2011-Mar.,2013
  •    Research on The Coupling Mechanism of Human Capital in the Process Of Regional Integration Of Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Dec.,2010-Dec.,2011
  •    Research on the Analysis and Strategy of Inherent Correlation Between Enterprise Knowledge Management Innovation And Organizational Innovation. The National Social Science Fund. Sept.,2010-Sept.,2012
  •    Management Improvement Research of the Center Hospital in Yinzhou District, Ningbo.Jul.,2010-Jun.,2011

Selected Publications

  •    Yan Shu-min,Jin Yue-lian, Chen Ying. Research on relationship between job - family gain and roles resources of knowledge female workers in Chinese, Journal of Forecasting. 2013(12).
  •    Hu Zhi-peng, Yan Shu-min. Glass Ceiling Cracks: The Re-dicussion of Female Administrator’s Promotion Obstacles in Chinese Situation, ISTP. 2013(4).
  •    Duan Xing-min, Yan Shu-min. Research on audit of human capital’s value of leadership talents, Human Resource Development of China. 2011(5).
  •    Yan Shu-min, Chen Ying. The function mechanism of the corporate organization on “Corporate Mentoring program” from the perspective of Complex Adaptive System Theory. 2012 International Academic Conference on Economic Policy and Management Engineering. 2012(4) EI Searching.
  •    Yan Shu-min, Li Shi-jie, Yang Guo-dong, Cheng Fang-ning. Multipath model construction and empirical analysis on high-tech talents' turnover based on job embeddedness. Journal of Science & Technology and Economy in Chinese, 2011(5).
  •    Yang Guo-dong ,Yan Shu-min. Human resource of start-up enterprises. Talent Development in Chinese,2010(6).
  •    Yan Shu-min, Yang Guo-dong. Study on coordinated growth of regional capital. Talent Development in Chinese. 2010(5).


  •    Career Development and Work-family Relations of Professional Women.Apr.,2015
  •  Comparative Study of Human Capital in Western China, Independent Monograph, Shanghai Higher Education Press in Chinese,May.,2006.