I. Program Overview

The Master of Engineering Management degree (MEM for short hereafter) is a professional degree which was launched by the Ministry of Education of China in 2010. The aim of MEM professional education is to keep up with the pace of China’s rapid development in modern engineering and meet the urgent need for talents in engineering management. It also focuses on innovating and building up a complete mode for engineering management education so as to improve the quality and skills of engineering management talents.

II. Program Objectives

Tongji-MEM Program aims at educating top engineering management talents with good professional ethics, systematic management theories, modern managerial methods as well as technological know-how knowledge in the field of engineering. In addition to that, those high-level senior talents cultivated by Tongji University should be capable of planning, organizing, coordinating and making decisions when managing projects.

III. Program Features

  • Established in 1907, Tongji University is one of the renowned universities in China that boast the longest historical standing.
  • Tongji University started its education on engineering management since 1956. Therefore it has an abundant experience and takes a leading position in the field of engineering management
  • Tongji University has accomplished a great number of national or international major projects and its impact has expanded to the international community.
  • Tongji-MEM Program highlights construction management, industrial engineering management, logistics and transportation engineering management.

IV. Research Directions

  • Construction Engineering
  • Industry Engineering
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Service Engineering
  • Health Technology Engineering

V. Curriculum and Credit Requirements

Curriculum for Tongji-MEM Program includes three main modules, i.e. core courses (consist of general courses and compulsory courses), optional courses and compulsory section. A requirement of 37 credits is placed on the MEM Program. Students should achieve 21 credits for core courses and 4 credits for the compulsory section. Besides, students in MEM also have to gain no less than 12 credits for optional courses.

Course category Name of Courses Credit Credit hours
General Courses(2 Credits) Theoretical and practical studies on socialism with Chinese characteristics 2.0 36
Core Courses(19 Credits) Professional English 2.0 54
Management Information System 2.0 36
Introduction to Engineering Management 2.0 36
System Engineering 2.0 36
Management Decision-making Methods 2.0 36
Financial Management and Cost Control 2.0 36
Engineering Economics 2.0 36
Advanced Management 2.0 36
Engineering ethics 2.0 36
Elective Courses(≥ 12 Credits) General Research Methodology and Thesis Writing 1.0 18
Art of Leadership 2.0 36
Property Investment and Land Reserve 2.0 36
Informatization of Project Management 2.0 36
Applied Statistics 2.0 36
Information Retrieval 1.0 18
Strategic Management 2.0 36
Market Research and Management 2.0 36
Engineering Organization: Design and Simulation 2.0 36
Technological Innovation Management 2.0 36
Human Resources Management 2.0 36


Engineering Management Practices 2.0 36
Project Planning and Schedule Controlling 2.0 36
Project Risk Analysis and Management 2.0 36
Project Investment and Financing 2.0 36
Construction Law and Contract Management 2.0 36
BIM Technology and its Application 2.0 36
Case Study to the Significant Projects of Construction 2.0 36


Operation Management 2.0 36
Quality Management 2.0 36
Introduction to Industry Engineering 2.0 36
Artificial Intelligence 2.0 36
Research Allocation Optimization 2.0 36


Supply Chain Management 2.0 36
Logistics: Analysis and Layout 2.0 36
Case Studies on Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2.0 36
Internet of Things 2.0 36


Big Data and Intellectual Decision 2.0 36
Internet Mindset and E-commerce 2.0 36
Service Operation Management 2.0 36
Health Technology


I Introduction to Health Technology Appraisal 2.0 36
R&D of Health Technology 2.0 36
Health Data Mining and Intelligent Decision 2.0 36
Health Care Ethics 2.0 36
Compulsory Section(4 Credits) Cutting-edge Lectures 1.0 18
Professional Practice 0.5
Thesis Proposal and Literature Review 1.0
Mid-term Inspection 0.5
Code of Academic Integrity 1.0

VI. Mode of Teaching

Tongji-MEM Program takes a part-time mode of teaching, i.e. students take their course on weekends and holidays. The mode of teaching for MEM includes class teaching, class discussions, students’ presentations, seminars and others.

Tongji-MEM is a two and a half years program in principle, with one and a half years for learning courses for required credits (no less than 37 credits) and one year for graduation thesis. Some outstanding students may graduate within one and a half years with all required education tasks successfully completed.

VII. Certificate Awarding

Eligible students who meet the credit requirements and have passed the thesis defense within the prescribed years can be awarded the postgraduate diploma granted by Tongji University and the Master of Engineering Management degree certificate issued by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.

VIII. Application Requirements

The candidates must fulfill one of the following requirements when applying for Tongji-MEM program:

  • Bachelor’s degree holder with over three years of work experience after graduation and relevant managerial experience.
  • Master’s or doctor’s degree holder with over two years of work experience after graduation and relevant managerial experience.

IX. Admission Procedure

  • 1 Online Application Period: usually from October 10th to October 31th each year.
  • 2 Online application website: https://yz.chsi.com.cn/
  • 3 The National Entrance Exam for MEM generally takes place on December each year.
  • 4 The National Entrance Exam for MEM: The written examinations for MEM include GRK Exam and English Exam, which is to test the applicants’ general knowledge including mathematics, logic, writing and English proficiency.
  • 5 Interview: Every applicant who has passed GRK Exam and English Exam should go through the interview arranged by Tongji University to test his/her integrated knowledge and oral English.
  • 6 Admission: Admission decisions are made based upon the applicant’s performances in the written examinations and during the interview. Tongji University will then issue admission letters to applicants admitted on the program.

X. Admissions Counseling

Teaching and Administration Center for Master of Engineering Management Program (MEM Center for short)

  • Address: Rooms 618, 619, Tongji Building Block A, No.1500 Siping Road, Shanghai, China, Zip Code 200092
  • Tel: +86(21)65981292, +86(21)65980215, +86(21)65982108
  • Fax: +86(21)65988627
  • Website: mem.tongji.edu.cn
  • E-mail: tongjime@tongji.edu.cn

Graduate School of Tongji University

  • Address: Ruian Building, No.1239 Siping Road, Shanghai, China, Zip Code 200092
  • Tel: +86(21)65983834    Fax: +86(21)65988292
  • Website: https://yz.tongji.edu.cn
X Thank you for your interest in Master of Global Management, Tongji University!