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Useful Service Information

ATMs and Banks

China Merchants Bank(9:00-18:00)(All Week)

Address:No.1396 Si Ping Road

China Construction Bank(8:45-17:45)(All Week)

Address:No.60 Zhang Wu Road

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(8:30-16:45)

Address:No.198 Chi Feng Road

Bank of Communications(9:10-16:30)

Address:No.41 Zhang Wu Road

Agricultural Bank of China(8:45-17:00 Monday-Friday 9:00-15:30 Saturday.Sunday)

Address:No.65 Chi Feng Road

Public Safety & Emergency

Post Offices

The nearest post office is just opposite the main gate at Siping Road, about 50 meters away.

*No.47 ZhangWu Road(7:00-17:30)

*No.170 AnShan Road(7:00-19:00)


*University Hospital(Beside the school gate at Chifeng Road on main campus)

*Xinhua Hospital(No.1665 Kongjiang Road)

Take Bus 843 opposite Zhangwu Building on Fuxin Road or Take Metro

Line 8 at Siping Road.

*Number One People’s Hospital(No.85 Wujin Road)

Take Bus 55 near the main gate.

Emergency Calling Number

Ambulance: 120

Police: 110

Fire: 119

Telephone Malfunction: 112

Telephone Consultation: 114

Shopping off campus

Carrefour Shopping Mall

Address:No.560 QuYang Road(9:30-22:00)

Emart Shopping Mall

Address:No.721 QuYang Road(8:45-22:00)

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