In 2010, the Degree Committee of the State Council issued the new degree of Master of Finance (hereinafter referred to as MF), in order to meet the overwhelmingly increasing demand on advanced finance professionals. Tongji University is one of the 85 institutions that were first authorized by the Committee. The year of 2011 saw the first enrollment of MF.

Since 2014, with the strong support of the university, Tongji-MF program has been jointly operated by the School of Economics and Management and the School of Mathematical Sciences. Tongji-MF program has so far distinguished itself in the domains of Mathematical Finance and Fintech, which is in accordance with the features of Tongji University, who is famous for its sciences and technologies.       


The curriculum of Tongji-MF contains three main parts: core courses, elective courses and compulsory activities. 45 credits are required in all, including 23 credits for core courses, 12 credits for elective courses and 10 credits for the compulsory session.

PS: Elective courses have four directions, namely, Financial Markets and Investment Analysis, Management of Financial Institutions and Business Banks, Principles and Methods of Financial Engineering, and Financial Mathematics and Application.

Length of Schooling and Duration

Tongji-MF is a two-year program based on a credit system, which requires no more than five years of effective study and no less than 6 months of dissertation writing. The degree grantee must meet the credit requirements and pass the dissertation defense as well.

Certificates Awarding

Eligible students who meet the credit requirements and pass the dissertation defense within the prescribed years can obtain the postgraduate diploma uniformly issued by Tongji University, and the MF (Professional) degree certificate assessed by the Degree Committee of the State Council.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is 80,000 RMB in all for full-time students and 158,000 RMB for part-time students, excluding relevant expenses on hard-copy materials, etc. The tuition could be paid in two annual installments.

Admissions Requirements

–     Full Time Class: Senior undergraduates who are going to get the bachelor’s degree in the coming year.

–     Part Time Class: Bachelors or above who have got their degrees recognized by the state before the spot confirmation.

Admissions Process

Full Time Class

–     Summer school participation

–     Admission Notification

–     Online application for the National Graduate Recommendation

–     Enrollment Confirmation/ Registration

Part Time Class

–     Online application for the National Graduate Entrance Examination

–     Spot confirmation

–     Entrance examination

–     Interview after Interview Notification

–     Admission Notification

–     Enrollment Confirmation/ Registration

(More details on the entrance examination, please refer to: https://yz.tongji.edu.cn )


Tongji-MF Program Office

Add: Room 611, Block A, Tongji Plaza, NO.1500 Siping Rd., Shanghai, China

Tel/Fax: +86-21-65981424

E-mail: mf_sem@tongji.edu.cn

X Thank you for your interest in Master of Global Management, Tongji University!