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Tongji SEM is one of the initial master’s degree authorized units approved by the academic degree committee of state council as well as one of the earliest colleges to get the authorization of granting the master’s degree among a few of business colleges in china. In 1981, Management Science and Engineering was firstly entitled to grant master’s degree in Tongji SEM. At present, Tongji SEM has two categories of Master’s degree, i.e. Master of Management Science that covers five majors as well as Master of Economics that also contains five majors. With the advancement of internationalization and the implementation of “world-class universities” and “first-class disciplines” strategy of Tongji, the master’s programs of Tongji SEM have enjoyed high reputation and competitiveness both at home and abroad in terms of excellent quality in talent cultivation. In 2017, the first-level discipline of “Management Science and Engineering” in Tongji SEM ranked A+ (No.1 nationwide) in the fourth round of evaluation conducted by the National Ministry of Education.


Categories Number Discipline Research Areas
Master of Management Science 1 Management Science and Engineering
  • Management Science
  • Management Theory and Industrial Engineering
  • Modern Logistics and Supply-chain Management
  • Information Management and Information System
  • Construction Engineering Management
  • Innovation and Technology Management
Master of Applied Economics 2 Regional Economics
  • Economic Planning of City and Region
  • Sustainable Development of Regional Economy
  • Urban Economics and Management
Public Finance
  • Fiscal Theory and Application
  • Taxation Policy and Management
  • Fiscal Policy and Capital Market
  • Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Regulatory
  • Capital Market Theory and Investment Management
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Financial Engineering: Theory, Methods and Application
  • Risk Management and Insurance
Industrial Economics
  • Urbanization and Industrial Economics
  • Industrial Economics and Regional Development
  • Industrial Economics and Regulation
Industrial Economics
  • Theory and Policy of International Trade
  • International Financing and Multi-national Investment
  • International Business and Organization
  • Service Trade
Master of Business Administration 3 Accounting
  • Accounting Theory and Method
  • International Accounting
  • Auditing Theory and Method
  • Accounting Information System
  • Financial Management
Corporate Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management
  • Organization and Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
Technology Economics and Management
  • Engineering Economics and Project Evaluation
  • Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
  • Investment Decision-making Analysis
  • Technological Innovation Management
Public Management 4 Public Management
  • Administrative Management and Urban Governance
  • Land Resource and Management
  • Social Development and Public Policy
  • Sustainable Development and Management
  • Public Health and Management