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  1. Overview

Undergraduate Program of School of Economics and Management (hereinafter referred to as SEM) abides by undergraduate education principles of Tongji University and implements both general and professional education model, striving to create management knowledge and develop leading professionals for China and the world who are capable of solving practical problems while addressing the challenges of business and society with a global perspective, responsibility and in a sustainable way. In the list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate programs announced by the Ministry of Education in 2019, four undergraduate programs, including Finance, Information Management and Information Systems, Engineering Management, and Marketing, were selected as the first batch of national-level first-class undergraduate Construction sites which account for 17% of Tongji University’s enrollment. Also, SEM ranked first among the national business schools.

Our Undergraduate Program is a 4-year program, implementing a teaching plan of academic credit system. In general, the students are enrolled into two Bachelor categories, i.e. “Management” and “Economics”. General courses are delivered in the first year while professional course curriculums are carried out in the following years. In the category of Management Science that includes six majors, namely Engineering Management, Information Management and Information System, Logistics Management, Accounting, Marketing as well as Administration Management, professional studies begin from the second year. While in the category of Economics that consists of two majors, namely Finance and International Economics and Trade, professional studies start from the second year.

Our Undergraduate Program is a 4-year program, falling into the category of ‘Economics and Management’. Students are first enrolled into the College of New Students, beginning with a fundamental, cross-disciplinary study module in the first year, and step into their specialized area from the second year and ever since. The program offers a total of eight majors, being Finance, International Economics and Trade, Engineering Management, Information Management and Information System, Logistics Management, Accounting, Marketing and Administration Management, for students to choose from and develop their further knowledge and skills. Over 30 courses of our undergraduate degree are taught in English, delivered by a teaching staff with diverse overseas backgrounds and educational experience.

Encouraging innovation, strengthening practice and pursuing internationalization are the three characteristics of talent training in SEM. On the basis of consolidating students’ professional knowledge, students are encouraged to explore and innovate, and actively participate in various discipline competitions, innovation projects and other activities. The students instructed by the teachers of SEM have continuously achieved excellent results in various international and domestic competitions, such as the national awards in the National Challenge Cup and the China MBA entrepreneurship competition. In order to strengthen the students’ practical abilities, SEM has established a number of advanced laboratories and cooperated with many well-known enterprises such as Henkel, Huafa, Under Armour, Ping’an Bank, Dongzheng Futures, Bell-Alcatel, Forte Group, Far East International and etc. to establish internship bases that could improve Undergraduate students’ practical abilities in real business world .

In the past ten years, SEM has been one of the most active colleges in Tongji University’s international exchange affairs. International exchange programs and opportunities for undergraduates have been increasing constantly. At present, SEM has established cooperative and exchange relations with more than 100 internationally renowned institutions from more than 30 countries and regions. There are nearly 30 double-degree exchange programs and more than 70 non-degree exchange programs. More than 50% of undergraduates have the tuition-free international exchange opportunities to go to developed countries such as Europe and the United States during their undergraduate study period, which helps them not only broaden their horizons but also increase their life experiences. Thus, Chinese and international students study together in the same classroom, creating the best environment for international atmosphere of Tongji SEM.

Graduates from SEM Undergraduate Program will gain solid professional knowledge and basic skills, flexibly apply the theoretical knowledge mastered in practice through scientific research capabilities and effective independent learning, and adapt to the objective conditions of professional development in keeping with the times. Most graduates could work in well-known domestic and foreign companies (including financial institutions, consulting companies, accounting firms, Internet companies, real estate companies, construction units, designing institutes, etc.) as well as government agencies at all levels. Students develop the habit of independent thinking during undergraduate studies, improve their innovative thinking ability, and maintain and strengthen their professional competitiveness in the ever-changing external environment and economic situation.

After graduation, more than 50% of the undergraduate choose to continue their studies at first-class institutions at home and abroad. In addition to continuing their studies at Tongji, students are also admitted by the other well-known universities, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Renmin University of China, Harvard University, Cambridge Universities, Imperial College London, University College London, National University of Singapore, Cornell University, Columbia University and other well-known universities.

SEM provides students with a full range of employment guidance and employment services to enhance students’ job search skills and competitiveness, and promote high-quality employment. At present, SEM has cooperated with a number of excellent enterprises and high-end employment platforms to expand students’ high-quality employment resources in the form of regular visits, lecture invitations, resource sharing, and competition hosting. SEM organizes a series of corporate job fairs and career education activities every year, and holds large-scale of spring and autumn job fairs to strengthen the two-way understanding between students and employers. The companies who participate in the job fairs are strictly selected. Most of the companies are world’s top 500 and industry leaders. Also, SEM has also established an efficient online platform of employment information. Students can obtain the latest internship and recruitment information through the website, official WeChat account and corresponding employment WeChat groups.

Bachelor of Management

Engineering Management

Maintaining a leading position in China, Engineering Management in Tongji SEM is awarded to be the national-level specialty major that has been selected into the national “Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” Plan, and was selected into the first batch of national first-class undergraduate programs in 2019. “Construction management”, “Engineering project management”, along with other subjects in this major are listed as National Quality Courses. In general, it consists of two study orientations. One is engineering construction management, and the other is property management. With a profound historical background, Engineering Management has been developed for more than 60 years. The faculty has high comprehensive quality and rich experience. The major plays a leading and benchmarking role in domestic scientific research and education in the field of engineering management. It is firmly rooted in China to cultivate high-quality talents and elites with innovative concepts and methods. Also, it faces to the world and builds a high-level international cooperation platform to meet global challenges. To adapt to the needs of international education, the major emphasizes the comprehensive teaching, practical teaching and digital innovation, as well as highlight quality education and innovation education. It has been become the leader in the area of engineering management informationization, the key technology in large group complex project system control and urban organic renewal mode.

This major strives to cultivate senior specialists and top creative talents with international perspectives, who can adapt to the needs of the social, economic, scientific and technological advances with an all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic values. The graduates could master technical knowledge of civil engineering and basic knowledge and expertise related to domestic and international project management, economics and legislation, could possess working ability to control and manage on domestic and foreign construction projects in engineering or real estate fields in whole process, and could become professional elites with solid foundation and wide knowledge in engineering management. The major is evaluated as a national-level specialty and selected as the “Excellent Engineer” program. In 2019, it was selected as the first batch of national-level first-class construction site of undergraduate programs. “Engineering Construction Organization and Management” and “Engineering Project Management”, are listed as national quality courses. The faculty is committed to the reform of the talent innovative training model. They have won many awards such as the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award in Higher Education, etc. The major has established the joint laboratory “Tongji University-Autodesk BLM”, Complex Engineering Management Research Institute, Tongji University Construction Industry Innovation and Development Research Institute, Tongji Jingwei Real Estate Research Institute, Engineering Management Research Institute, Real Estate Research Institute and Housing Land Resources Information Research Center to provide students with high-quality development conditions.

Information Management and Information System

The major intermingles management science, information science, system science and computer science. Based on the research of the whole information management process of various organizations, the realized information system can provide efficient information management and decision support for them. The major was started in 1984, and Tongji University was one of the first Chinese universities which set up the major of ‘Information Management and Information System’. The first-level discipline “Management Science and Engineering” ranks A+ in the fourth round of evaluation by the National Ministry of Education. In the year 2019, ‘Information Management and Information System’ was selected into the first batch of national first-class undergraduate programs. With the rapid development of information technology, the major keeps exploring teaching reforms actively and carrying out the teaching of information management and information system from the perspective of “society to technical systems”. Through the vivid case study, application hot spot display and other methods, it continuously realizes the innovation of teaching content and methods, and forms a professional training system with distinctive Tongji characteristics. In recent years, the major has won a number of national, local, and corporate key scientific research projects. With the continuous transformation of scientific research results into teaching practice, the teaching level of the major has been further improved. Conforming to the requirements of the era of “Internet +” and big data, the major is entering the lane of rapid development.

The four-year undergraduate education of information management and information system in Tongji SEM is oriented towards fostering information management talents with social responsibilities and international visions, and focuses on cultivating senior compound professionals who not only have knowledge in economics and management but also master the application of information technology. The graduates can work in the field of information strategy formulation, information resources planning, information system analysis, information system design, information system implementation, information system audit and business big data analysis in state authorities, financial agencies, business enterprises as well as research institutes.


The major aims to optimize logistics system and supply chain system under the support of information technology. The major was started in the year 2004, and Tongji University was one of the first Chinese universities to set up Logistics Management major. The accumulation of knowledge in information management and information system helps the major to build the distinctive characteristics in logistics information management and optimization. A group of professors with profound academic attainments are the backbone of the major. At present, it has a complete discipline system from undergraduate to postgraduate. Under the support of a number of national, provincial and ministerial key researches, the major has accumulated rich research results in the fields of supply chain management, service operation management, and logistics system planning. Its first-level discipline “Management Science and Engineering” ranked A+ (tied for first place) in the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education.

The four-year undergraduate education of logistics management in Tongji SEM is oriented towards fostering logistics management talents with social responsibilities and international visions, and focuses on cultivating senior professionals and innovative talents who could firmly grasp theories and methods in modern logistics management and logistics engineering and could understand how to apply information technology, accounting, finance, laws and information management in modern enterprise practices. Graduates can work in the field of logistics industry planning, logistics management or logistics operations in national regulatory authorities, transport companies, logistics enterprises and business enterprises, etc.


The major aims to cultivate senior accounting talents and senior management talents who are suitable for the development needs of social economy and technological progress and who have comprehensive development of social values in morality, intelligence and physique. Students will systematically master the relevant principles and knowledge of finance and accounting disciplines. Those who have solid theory foundation, broad professional knowledge and strong practical ability are supposed to become excellent accountants and be capable of accounting and financial management work of enterprises and institutions with international visions and systematic management skills. It highlights the model of “accounting technology + management” in training with a strong science and engineering curriculum which is adaptive to the requirements of management of science and technology development. The concept of talent cultivation of this subject has been positioned as “international vision, Chinese wisdom, innovative pragmatism and high morality”. Graduates have always been favored by the famous four major accounting firms, banks and other financial institutions and domestic key enterprises.


The major of Marketing in Tongji University began to enroll students nationwide in 1996. It was selected into the first batch of national top-class undergraduate programs in 2019. The school has obtained three international top-level certifications, AMBA (International MBA Association), EQUIS (European Quality Development System) and AACSB (International Association of Elite Business Schools). The major belongs to the discipline of Business Administration.

The course aims to cultivate senior management talents who are fit for the demands of society, economy and technology development; who are cultivated morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically; who have mastered relevant professional theories and knowledge of marketing, financial accounting and business operation management; who are equipped with solid professional theory, excellent organizational skills and marketing operation ability, as well as innovative spirit and ability of life-long learning; who are able to continuously update professional knowledge and improve business proficiency of marketing according to the development of the industry. Over the years, students of marketing have won various gold medals in the National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competitions. Most graduates are able to work in large enterprises, multinational companies (including financial institutions and consulting agencies etc.) as well as government departments. With the continuous development of this subject and the increasing influence of its international brand, many research units are established, such as Tongji University Development Research Institute, Tongji-IBM Big Data Experimental Center and Tongji-SAIC Cross-Border Marketing Design Center.

Administration Management

Taking the advantages of Tongji University in the fields of sustainable development and urban management, the major of public administration aims to cultivate high-quality talents with comprehensive skills for public affair management and public policy research. Students will master the basic theoretical knowledge of management, economics, sociology, political science and other related disciplines. They can use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze practical problems in urban management in China, and have strong sustainable development concepts and broad international views. This major is characterized by “focusing on policy research, facing urban management, and targeting international benchmarks”. The curriculum is composed of three modules: basic theoretical module (management, economics and political theory), application module (public organization and governance, social construction and management, urban development and management as well as sustainable development and management) and methodology module (quantitative and qualitative research methods). The major of public administration in Tongji has been evaluated as B+ in the fourth round of national discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2016, ranking top 20% in China.

Bachelor of Economics


Tongji University began finance undergraduate education since 1998. The major belongs to the discipline of Applied Economics. It provides students with a systematic grasp of the basic principles of Marxism, firm socialist political and ideological quality as well as professional ethics. By learning the major, students will equip with the knowledges and skills including, financial theory and practice, investment and financing management, financial transaction technology and operations, finance product design and pricing, financial analysis, financial risk management, etc. The major aims to cultivate the talents who have strong abilities to solve practical financial problems and meet the needs of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics.

Drawing on advanced teaching concepts and teaching methods, this major focuses on the cultivation of students’ application capability of financial theory knowledge, financial business skills and market operations. It is a discipline that studies how individuals, institutions, and governments acquire, spend, manage funds and other financial assets. Over the years, guided by the principle of cultivating outstanding talents with innovation and practice spirits, a large number of high-end financial professionals have been trained in Tongji SEM who enjoy high academic status and influence both at home and abroad. In 2019, the major was selected into the first batch of national top-class undergraduate programs

International Economics and Trade

Tongji University started the education of International Economics and Trade undergraduate since 1997. The major belongs to the discipline of Applied Economics. It provides students with a systematic grasp of the basic principles of Marxism, firm socialist political and ideological quality as well as professional ethics. By learning the major, students will equip with basic theories of international economy and international trade, and the basic knowledge and skills of international trade. The major aims to cultivate the talents who understand the development status of contemporary international economic and trade, and familiar with the prevailing international trade rules and practices, China’s foreign trade policies and regulations, as well as the socio-economic conditions of major countries and regions so as to be able to engage in business in foreign economic and trade departments, foreign-funded enterprises and government agencies , management and research, foreign economic socialist in the market economy with Chinese characteristics. The major focuses on the application of professional theories in practice. It is a discipline that studies the development mode of labor division and cooperation in the process of international commodity and production factors exchange.

By various kinds of reform and engagement in training mechanism, currently, the major of International Economics and Trade has enjoyed well-known academic status and influence with outstanding features and significant advantages. Graduates will become professional elites, specialized practitioners and effective communicators in international economics and trade area, working in government agencies related to foreign economics and trade, foreign-funded enterprises as well as other economics and finance institutions.

  1. International Exchange

SEM is committed to create a global community on campus. International exchange and cooperation have always been SEM’s most prominent characteristics. Currently, SEM has partnered with more than 100 prestigious universities/institutions in 30 countries around the world and establishes a wide range of international cooperation. With over 300 international exchange places, more than 50% of the undergraduate students are given the opportunities to study abroad. SEM encourages high level academic faculty and student exchange. Exchange has been carried out at all levels of programs. Every year SEM receives more than 500 international students and is one of the most popular university locations in China, rendering students a unique and vibrant ambiance in terms of culture, living, study, and sport facilities.

International Exchange Programs

  • 200+ English-taught Courses
  • 500+ International Students each year
Levels English Taught Programs
  • Business Administration
  • Enterprise Management
  • Technology Economics & Management
  • Management Science & Engineering
PhD Contact us to find a suitable PhD supervisor before application

General Eligibility for Exchange to Tongji SEM

  • The international candidates shall be officially registered as students at their   home institution, and are pursuing their degree at the home institution.
  • Grades from Home University: minimum GPA 3.0 and above (full mark is 4),corresponding to 3.75 out of 5 or 75 out   of 100 in Tongji University
  • English Proficiency (choose one) – for non-native speakers of English: TOEFL 79, IELTS 6.5, GMAT 600, GRE 1250 (V+Q), Or other equivalent score (for more details, please enquire the program coordinator)


In order to be accepted to Tongji SEM as an exchange student on free-of-tuition basis, students must first contact the International Relations Office at your home university to learn the conditions of applying to the Exchange Programs. Tongji SEM will not accept you as an exchange student unless you are nominated by the International Office at your home university.

Nomination and Application

Online Nomination Nomination Link
(by clicking)
April 10th for Fall Semester
October 10th for Spring Semester
Free-movers, please finish the online pre-application Pre-Application Link
(by clicking)

Students will receive detailed application guides from our program managers after successful nomination.

Online Application study-info.tongji.edu.cn/ Deadline:
April 20 for Fall Semester
October 20 for Spring Semester

Students should send the generated Online Application PDF to SEM coordinator via email for preliminary review.

Final Application Send application docs to SEM in one PDF via email Deadline:
May 10th for Fall Semester
Nov 10th for Spring Semester

*There are limited seats for applicants as free movers. Students as Free-Movers or students from partner universities on tuition fee paying basis should make the remittance of application fee (RMB 410) to TONGJI University. The application fee is non-refundable regardless of the final admission results. After the admission, students should pay for the required Tuition Fee to Tongji SEM.

The required final application documents include:

  • Generated Online application form with guarantee letter with signature and stamp
  • Visa Regulation and Safety Alerts for International Students with signature
  • Letter of Motivation—stating your reasons for choosing Tongji SEM
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Copy of Passport
  • Two Recommendation Letters from Professors — ONLY for Double-Degree Students
  • Recent Academic Transcript from Home University
  • English Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE) – for students from non-native English speaking countries
  • Receipt of Bank Transfer Confirmation of Application Fee 410 RMB – ONLY for students as Free-Movers or students from partner universities on tuition fee paying basis (not for exchange students of free tuition)
  • Other documents concerning double degree students, and on-campus dormitory application

Contact us:

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