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Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration educates and researches the disciplines of administrative management, social security, and education economics & management. There are 21 full-time faculty members in the department, including 1 Shanghai Oriental scholar and 1 distinguished professor of Tongji. The department is home to the undergraduate program of Public Administration.

Research Fields

Administrative Management
Land Resource Management
Social Security
Education Economics and Management


Administrative Management
– Theory and Methodology of Public Administration
– Analysis and Assessment of Public Policy
– Urban Economy and Management
– Social Development and Social Management

Land Resource Management
– Natural Resource and Environmental Management
– Environmental Systems Analysis

Social Security
– Foundation of Social Security
– Funds Management of Social Security
– Social Welfare and Social Service
– Management of Social Group and Organization

Education Economics and Management
– The Analysis and Assessment of Education Systems
– Education Information Management

Teaching of the Master of Public Administration Program is covered primarily by the Department of Public Administration.


National Natural Science Foundation of China
Shanghai Youth Social Science& Planning Fund

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