The education of MPAcc (Master of Professional Accounting), under the guidance of the National Supervisory Committee for MPAcc, aims to cultivate high-leveled and qualified elites in the field of accounting profession. It is committed to equipping them with professional ethics, a systematically good command of modern accounting, auditing, financial management and other related knowledge and skills, and thus to empowering them to solve accounting problems in practice.

Features of Tongji-MPAcc

Specialized vocational orientations are the best feature of Tongji-MPAcc. Thanks to such leading disciplines of SEM as Engineering Management, Service Operation Management and Urban Development and Management etc, Tongji-MPAcc takes advantage of the discipline integration to meet the demand of social services. Gradually, it has formed its uniqueness in the two vocational orientations: Engineering Finance, Auditing and Corporate Finance.

Case study as a common teaching method is widely practiced in the instruction of all courses of Tongji-MPAcc. It encourages students to relate academic theories to professional practices, developing and improving their abilities to explore, to analyze and finally to solve practical problems.

“Bi-tutor” mechanism ensures the fresh blood of the faculty and the timeliness of the discipline. Students have two supervisors to guide their composing of dissertation, one from within the school and the other from outside enterprises or policy-making offices,

Internationalization of the program is booming these years. The international cooperation in curriculum-development, the incorporation of international teaching materials and cases into the delivery of courses, the employment of international first-class professors, and the diversity of oversea study trips etc. keeps bringing wide international horizons to the program. So far we have developed extensive cooperation and exchanges with over 70 well-known business schools as well as institutes of CPA from 26 countries and regions including the U.S.A, Germany, Australia, etc.

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