Advanced Institute of Business (AIB for short), established in September 2017 is a special academic department of Tongji University, aiming to accelerate the construction of world-class economic and management disciplines. AIB belongs to the School of Economics and Management but operates independently in terms of team construction, talent cultivation and administrative support system.

Advanced Institute of Business accelerates the construction and advances the development of the disciplines of Economics and Management from three aspects: cultivating innovative talents, achieving high end academic achievements and developing high-end international cooperation, at the same time, explores the innovation of the discipline-building mechanism. AIB selects academic direction and establishes research teams based on the frontier of subject development and national demand. Meanwhile, AIB is striving to become a leading department in economic and management research and talent cultivation with global influence as soon as possible.

Since its establishment, Advanced Institute of Business has made remarkable achievements in team construction and talent cultivation. At present, it has one Chang Jiang scholar (Chang Jiang Scholars Program), one “Outstanding Youth” scholar and two “Excellent Youth” scholars (the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars Project), as well as nearly ten young faculties with Ph.D. degrees from overseas top universities. At the same time, AIB established a postdoctoral and full-time research team based on the research direction, and also invited a number of renowned visiting management scholars at home and abroad. Academic reputation and impact are constantly growing.

Advanced Institute of Business is a special academic department established by Tongji University to explore a new mode of economic and management disciplines construction. Based on the institutional innovation, it attracts first-class faculties, strives to cultivate innovative talents, and provides new impetus for Tongji University to build world-class economic and management discipline.

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