The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program of the School of Economics and Management (SEM) of Tongji University is one of the earliest programs approved by the Commission of Academic Degree of the State Council to award MPA degrees in 2001.Since the first enrollment in 2001, Tongji SEM has enrolled more than 3 thousand MPA students, who are mostly civil servants and senior public administrators coming from local governmental bodies and institutions. The program aims to cultivate senior public administrators specialized in economic, social, environmental and other affairs in the progress of urbanization in China, with emphasis on cultivating senior urban public administration talents for Chinese governments.

The program has eight concentrations, i.e., Urban Public Service and Management, Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Tax and Public Budget, Social Development and Management, Organization and HRM, Sustainable Development and Management, National Development Strategies and Government Construction, Globalization and International Relationship.

The program is academically supported by schools of Tongji University and other universities. Most of the teaching staff come from SEM of Tongji. Generally, a full-time instructor holds a PHD degree or a title not lower than associate professor, while a part-time professor holds a senior managerial position at a government or international organization or is an expert with high reputation.

For the guidance of teaching and research work and thesis writing, academic teams are formed for each core course and concentration. These teams are headed by experienced professors who have studied abroad, carried out extensive research projects, and advised the government.

Presently, many MPA graduates hold important positions at different government departments and public administration institutions. Tongji MPA will continue to utilize SEM’s advantage in areas such as management science and engineering, business administration and economic to equip the students with advanced expertise for contemporary public administration.

Since the first enrollment, we’ve successfully held MPA Lecture Series each year for twelve times. MPA Lecture Series is an important teaching module specifically set for MPA students. The lectures aim to show the latest theories and practice of the study of public administration and many well-known professors, scholars and also experienced government officials have been invited, which makes the MPA Lectures Series a grand meeting of the communication of leading theories and latest practice experience.

The MPA program of Tongji University has an abundant teaching faculty, whose professional background covers philosophy, economics, law, management, etc. and teachers with the background of economics and management contain a large share. 

Tongji has a long history in communicating with European Countries. The MPA program makes full use of this advantage and cooperates with other countries. Moreover, we also emphasize on cooperating with the universities, research institutions and international organizations in various fields and levels.

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