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Professor, PhD Advisor

Position: Deputy Dean

Department: Innovation and Strategy(Proposed)


  • 2000, Ph.D.,  School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
  • 1991, M.Eng., School of Management, Chongqing Jianzhu University
  • 1986, B.Eng., School of Urban Construction, Chongqing Jianzhu University

Teaching Positions

  • 2003 - Now: Professor, School of Economics & Management, Tongji University
  • 2000 – Dec.,2002.: Professor, Head of the Department of Real Estate, School of Construction Management and Real Estate, Chongqing Jianzhu University
  • 1991 – Aug.,1995: Lecturer, School of Engineering, Chongqing Jianzhu University

Management Activities

  • 2000- Dec., 2002: General Manager, Chongqing Consul Project Management Co.
  • 1988 – Jul.,1990: China State Construction Engineering Corporation

International Experience

Visiting Professor in other Programs

  • 2010, LMU CAMS (Center for Advanced Management Studies) and INNO-Tec (Institute for Innovation Research, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship) of Munich University, Germany, Visiting Professor
  • -Oct.,1997, Korea University, Korea, Visiting Research Fellow


  • Technological Innovation Management
  • Economic Evaluation of Technology
  • Business Management


  • Technological Innovation Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Entrepreneurship

Research Projects

  • National Innovation System in Germany, DAAD research project, 2010
  • Hyundai Motors, 2004
  • Kia Motors, 2004
  • Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Sales Co., 2004
  • LG Chem Shanghai, 2003
  • Research on Technological Innovation Management in Korean Industry, Korea Foundation, 1997

Education Management

  • Member of EPAS Committee of EFMD
  • Member of International Advisory Board of Newcastle University Business School in UK

Overseas Teaching

  • EMBA course, Doing Business in China, Business School, Haifa University, Jul.,2014
  • Postgraduate course, Technological Innovation Management, WFI-Ingolstadt School of Management, Germany, Jul.,2013
  • EMBA course, Doing Business in China, Business School, Haifa University, Nov.,2011
  • Postgraduate lecture, Multinationals’ Development Strategy in China, Grenoble Management School, French, Nov.,2010
  • Lecture, National Innovation System in China, LMU CAMS and INNO-Tec of Munich University, Germany, Feb.,2010
  • Lecture, Technology Catch-up in China, University of Newcastle School of Business, UK, Nov.,2009


Sponsored Research Projects

  • Ecological and Social Development Research on North Hongkou District Shanghai, Environment Protection Bureau of Hongkou District, Shanghai, 2009
  • Institutional Analysis on German National Innovation System, funded by the German Academic Center in Tongji University, 2008

Selected Publications


  • Beau Giannini, Chen Song. Utilizing Online Data Sources for Marketing and Supply Management Decisions in the Organic Dairy Industry, Dec.,2014
  • Liu Xin, Chen Song. The Impact of firm size on Technological Innovation -- An Empirical Study based on the list Chinese manufacturing industry. Science and technology progress and countermeasures, Nov.,2014 (CSSCI)
  • Jin Xin, Chen Song. Investigation of Knowledge Management Maturity and Benchmarking Practices in Chinese Enterprises, Journal of International Economics, Oct.,2014
  • Beau Giannini, Chen Song. Purchase likelihood prediction for targeted organic food marketing campaigns in China. International Conference Proceedings, Oct.,2014 (EI Compendex)
  • Liang Lingling, Chen Song, Cao wenhong. Empirical research of relationship between innovation activities and performance of financial service industry (In Chinese), Science and Research Management, Aug.,2014(CSSCI)
  • Jin Xin, Chen Song. Research on knowledge management model of group enterprise, Science & Technology Progress and Policy, Jun.,2014 (CSSCI)
  • Jin Xin, Chen Song, Xu Jinsong. Research on the Impact of Knowledge Management Approach on Technological Innovation Process and Innovation Performance (In Chinese), Forecasting, Mar.,2014(CSSCI)
  • Jian Zhang, Song Chen, Qiang He, Sizhuo Gong. An Empirical Study of Provincial Economic Growth Efficiency in China: Based on Provincial Standard Coal Consumption, PICMET,, 2011 (EI Compendex)
  • He Qiang, Chen Song. The board of directors degree distribution with R&D inputs: Based on Empirical Analysis on Listed Companies in manufacturing industry, Soft Science (In Chinese), Mar.,2011(CSSCI)
  • Liang Lingling, Chen Song. Being too harsh on the patent system is not conducive to innovation-Based on foreign related literature review (In Chinese), Science and Research Management, 2011(CSSCI)
  • Lv Mingjie, Chen Song. Policy performance of hi-tech industry of our country and its convergence analysis (In Chinese), Science and Technology Management, 2011(CSSCI)
  • Gu Yu, Chen Song. Collaborative Knowledge Management and Innovation Integration of Strategic Management Post Mergers and Acquisitions. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 2011 (EI)
  • Liu Xin, Chen Song. Cloud-based Innovation of Internet Long Tail. Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Product Innovation Management. 2011 (EI Compendex)
  • Qiang He, Song Chen, Jian Zhang. An Empirical Study of Board Education’s Distribution and R&D Investment from Listed Manufacturing Firms in China. Proceedings of Portland International Conference for Management of Engineering and Technology, 2010 (EI Compendex)
  • Chen Haihua, Chen Song. The research of evolution process and mechanism from the industrial cluster to innovative cluster (In Chinese), Soft Science in China, 2010(CSSCI)
  • Feng Tao, Chen Song. The correlation analysis between the number of college students and national innovation capacity in China: Based on Johansen co-integration test and Granger causality test. PICMET 2010(EI)
  • He Qiang, Chen Song. An Empirical Study of Board Composition and R&D Expenditure from Chinese Listed Firms. PICMET '2010 Conference (EI)
  • He Qiang, Chen Song. An Empirical Study of Board Composition and R&D Expenditure (In Chinese), Journal of System Management, Jun.,2010(CSSCI)
  • Zhang Jian, Chen Song. How to Shorten Product Development Cycle-The Case of INT Co. International Forum on Management of Product Innovation, Jul.,2010 (EI Compendex)
  • Wang Seng, Chen Song. From incremental innovation to radical innovation (In Chinese), East China Economics and Management, Jun.,2010(CSSCI)
  • Huang Haiyan, Chen Song. The employment ability of boundary occupation career era (In Chinese), East China Economics and Management, Jan.,2010(CSSCI)
  • Chen Song, Gu Yu, Zhao Zhenghua. Strategic management of technology development project: The case of Siemens VDO electric motor Co. PICMET, 2009 (EI)
  • Chen Song, Wang Sheng, Gu YU. The Innovation Dynamics of Zhejiang Model: The Case of Wenzhou. PICMET, 2009 (EI Compendex)
  • Wang Seng, Chen Song. From incremental innovation to radical innovation - Study on the transformation of technical innovation in Wenzhou (In Chinese), East China Economics and Management, 2009(CSSCI)
  • Chen Haihua, Chen Song. Innovation clusters and its formation mechanism research (In Chinese), Soft Science in China, 2009(CSSCI)
  • Huang Haiyan, Chen Song. Research on the relevance of psychological ownership and employee turnover intention (In Chinese), Contemporary Management Science, 2009(CSSCI)
  • Wang Seng, Chen Song. Specialization and transaction cost: the economic analysis of the national innovation system (In Chinese), Science and Research Management, 2008(CSSCI)
  • Wang Seng, Chen Song. The labor transaction cost differences between the manufacturing division and R&D division--Taking Wenzhou as an example (In Chinese), Technology Management and Strategy in China (Emerold), 2008
  • Chen Song. Keynote Speech:The Innovation Dynamics of Zhejiang Model: the Case of Wenzhou.10th West Lake International Conference on Small & Medium Business, WLICSMB, 2008
  • Wang Jingya, Chen Song. The organization framework of technical activities and its intermediate organization analysis (In Chinese), Science and Research Management, 2008(CSSCI)

International Conference

  • International Conference to Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Morocco Nov.,2014
  • International Conference to Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Singapore Apr.,2014
  • International Accreditation Summit of EFMD, Shanghai Dec.,2011
  • Portland International Conference for Management of Engineering and Technology, Portland, America Aug.,2011
  • The Second International Conference on Business and Economy, Tibet, Lhasa Jun.,2011
  • International Conference of China Association for Management of Technology, Shanghai Oct.,2010
  • Portland International Conference for Management of Engineering and Technology, Thailand Jul.,2010
  • Portland International Conference for Management of Engineering and Technology, Portland, America Aug.,2009
  • The Fourth International Conference of Asian Innovation, Learning and Capacity Building (ASIALICS), University of Malaysia Jul.,2007

Academic Part-time Positions

  • Member of Standing Executive Board of Chinese Society of Technology Economics
  • Regional editor of Journal of Technology Management in China (Emerald),
  • Editorial member of Asian Journal of Technology Innovation.
  • Research Fellowship, DAAD, 2010
  • Scholarship, Cao Guangbiao Foundation of Hong Kong, 2004