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TANG Daizhong
TANG Daizhong


Department: Construction Management and Real Estate




  •    2005.03—2008.03   Tongji University Management Science & Engineering    Doctor
  •    2003.10—2005.03   Tongji University Land Resource Management       Master
  •    1999.09—2003.07   Qingdao Technological University Civil Engineering     Bachelor

Teaching Positions

  •    2008-Now: School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

International Experience

  •    2012.07, GCREC Conference, Group Report;
  •    2012.02,Harvard Business School,Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning (GCPCL) learning;
  •    2011.07,Harvard Business School,Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning (GCPCL) learning;
  •    2010.07 - 08,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, visiting scholar;


  •    Real Estate Development Management
  •    Real Estate Finance
  •    Project Management


  •    Real Estate Development Management
  •    Real Estate Finance


Sponsored Research Projects

  •    “Research on Shanghai House Acquisition Transaction Management Mechanism reform of Pudong New District” for Shanghai House Acquisition Transaction Center of Pudong New District, 12/2014-05/2015
  •    “Supervision and Management for House Levy in Shanghai” for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau,01/2014-12/2014
  •    “Shanghai Property Services into Urban Grid Management Platform” for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau,01/2014-12/2014
  •    “Research on House Acquisition Administration -the Implementation of the Shanghai state-owned Land Levy Anti-subsidy Regulations” for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau,2013
  •    “Research on Enterprises and Institutions in Shanghai House Acquisition (Demolition)”for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau, 2013
  •    ”Research on the Land price Calculating System of Shanghai based on GIS” for Shanghai Urban Real Estate Surveyors-Appraisal Co., Ltd., 2013
  •    “Research on the Urban Land Use Change and Property Right Transfer Mechanism Research of Profit Distribution” Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013
  •    A Study of Redevelopment mechanism of Shanghai Urban District,Supported by Program for Young Excellent Talents in Tongji University, 2008-2010;
  •    ”Development of Residence Rental Market” for Shanghai Development Research Center;
  •    ”Study on Developing Strategy of Shanghai Real Estate Industry” for Shanghai Real Estate Appraisers Association,
  •    ”Study on Accelerate the Development of Elderly Community” for Shanghai Development Research Center
  •    ”Research on Urban Housing Demolition Operating Mechanism of Shanghai” for Shanghai Real Estate Management Bureau
  •    ”Research on the Construction and Consummate of Institution of Shanghai Urban Housing Safeguards” for Shanghai Real Estate Management Bureau
  •    ”Research on the Model Of Effective Market Analyzing” for Shanghai Real Estate   Management Bureau

Selected Publications


  •    Tang Daizhong; Shi Jiangang; *Wang, Wei. Towards Intelligent Expert Systems for Location Planning, Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, SCI, 2014
  •    Shi Jiangang、Lin Lingna、Tang Daizhong. Project Type Organization Members Horizontal Equity Preference Under Bidirectional Encourage Knowledge Sharing, SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (in Chinese),2014
  •    Shi Jiangang、Lin Lingna、Tang Daizhong. Consider Reciprocal Preference Incentives for Project Team Members Knowledge Sharing, Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science Edition),2014(10):1618-1625,(EI)
  •    Shi Jiangang、Lin Lingna、Tang Daizhong.Research on large construction engineering general contracting enterprise type projects across the organization integration innovation.JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING (in Chinese)2013/2
  •    Wang Wei、Zeng Guosun、Zhang Junqi、*Tang Daizhong. Dynamic trust evaluation and scheduling framework for cloud computing. Security and Communication Networks, 5(3), pp 311-318, 2012/3, SCI