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HE Qinghua
HE Qinghua


Position: Director, Lean Construction Research Center, Research Institute of Complex Engineering & Management

Department: Construction Management and Real Estate

 021-65983462 65988616



  • 1996.09-2000.10: Ph.D. Management in Management Science & Engineering, Tongji University
  • 1993.09-1996.03: M. Engineering in Architectural Economy & Management Engineering , Tongji University
  • 1989.09-1993.07: BA. Engineering in Industrial and Civil Buildings, Tongji University

Teaching Positions

  • 2009.12-Now: Department of Construction Management and Real Estate of SEM,

Tongji University, Professor

  • 2003.06-2009.11 Department of Construction Management and Real Estate of SEM,

Tongji University, Associate Professor

  • 1998.06-2003.05 Department of Construction Management and Real Estate of SEM,

Tongji University, Lecturer

  • 1996.04-1998.05 Department of Construction Management and Real Estate of SEM,

Tongji University, Assistant

International Experience

  • 2015.07.28-31,Perth,Australia,International Conference on Innovative Production and Construction 2015(IPC 2015);
  • 2014.07.21-07.23,Driving Performance at Every Turn,2014 CII Annual Conference, Indiana,USA;
  • 2014.07.19-08.26 School of Civil, Construction and Environment Engineering in North Carolina State University,Senior Visiting Scholar;
  • 2013.10.6-14, ICCPM Research & Innovation Seminar 2013,London,UK;
  • 2012.10.9-12 The 14th International Lean Construction Congress, Arlington, Washington D.C, USA;
  • 2011.11.18-28 Amsterdam, Holland. 2011 IPMA-NL International Conference, Keynote speech: Large Scale Complex Program Management-The Challenge and Strategy of 2010 Expo Shanghai Construction Program Practice;


  • Project management
  • Construction Project Management
  • Complex Construction Program Management
  • Lean Construction
  • Integrated Project Delivery(IPD)
  • Building Information Modelling(BIM)& Virtual Design& Construction(VDC)


  • Engineering Project Management for Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Project Management for EMBA、MBA、MPA、MSEM Postgraduate and EDP


Sponsored Research Projects

  • National natural science foundation of key projects, research on Major construction organization citizen behavior formation motivation, efficiency and foster research, 2016.01-2019.12
  • National natural science foundation of key projects, research on Major infrastructure project management theory and practice of innovation research corpus three - major infrastructure projects of organization behavior and mode innovation,2014.01-2018.12
  • Delegate Administration of Sports Bureau of Guangxi(1200380103), Sports industry city construction and development in Guangxi: investment estimation and fund balance, 2012.5-2015.7
  • National Natural Science Foundation of General Program: research on mechanism, dynamic evolution and counter measure of tunnel acts in government investment construction project, 2012.1-2015.12.
  • Special funds for basic research and operational cost of the Central University, Research on complex major construction community’s social structure, action system and flexible governance, 2012.01-2014.12.

Selected Publications


  • Qinghua He, Ge Wang, Lan Luo, et al. Mapping the managerial areas of Building Information Modeling (BIM) using scientometric analysis[J]. International Journal of Project Management, 2016.
  • Luo L, He Q, Xie J, et al. Investigating the Relationship between Project Complexity and Success in Complex Construction Projects[J]. Journal of Management in Engineering, 2016.
  • He Q, Dong S, Rose T, et al. Systematic impact of institutional pressures on safety climate in the construction industry[J]. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 2016, 93: 230-239(SCI);
  • Li H, Shuang D, Skitmore M, He Qinghua, et al. Intrusion warning and assessment method for site safety enhancement[J]. Safety Science, 2016, 84:97-107.
  • Li H, Yang X, Wang F, He Qinghua, et al. Stochastic state sequence model to predict construction site safety states through Real-Time Location Systems[J]. Safety Science, 2016, 84:78-87.
  • Dong S, He Q, Li H, et al. Automated PPE Misuse Identification and Assessment for Safety Performance Enhancement[C].ICCREM 2015. 204-214;


  • Modern Construction-Lean Project Delivery and Integrated Practices (Translation), 2015, China Building Industry Press(In Chinese)
  • Large and complex engineering program management synergy and organizational integration (monographs), December 2013, Science Press, Beijing(In Chinese)
  • Project Management (general higher education “Eleventh Five-Year” national planning materials), June 2011, Tongji University Press (in Chinese)
  • Construction Project Management Information (project management professional series of text book recommended by RICS), March 2011, China Building Industry Press (in Chinese)
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