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GUAN Xianjun
GUAN Xianjun

Associate Professor

Department: Construction Management and Real Estate


  •    2003.3-2005.9: Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, Tongji University
  •    2000.3-2003.3: Master in Structural Engineering, Tongji University
  •    1990.9-1995.7: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Construction University

Teaching Positions

  •    2006-Now: School of Economics & Management, Tongji University

International Experience

  •    2011.5.22-25:The 3rd International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, Laredo, Texas, USA
  •    2011.1-2012.1:East Carolina University, Visiting Scholar


  •   Engineering Management
  •   Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Management


  •   Engineering Management
  •   Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Management


Sponsored Research Projects

  •   National Natural Science Foundation of China .Robust Optimization for Large-scale Emergency Relief Resources Distribution Location: Cases Study of Earthquake Emergency Relief. 2013.1.1-2016.12.31,(71272047)
  •   Shanghai Pujiang Program. The uncertainty of earthquake disaster emergency rescue resources in large-scale research and application of the method to optimize the layout. 2013(13PJC100).
  •   Shanghai Construction and Management Commission . Shanghai Construction and Management (2016-2020) long-term development plan research - improving enterprise’s construction safety responsibility system
  •   The long-term research and development plan of Shanghai Construction Quality and Safety (2016-2020)
  •   The establishment of mechanism and Policy about Shanghai Urban safe operation .2013
  •   key topics of Shanghai Construction Commission. Supervision of the construction site online
  •   Xuhui District, "Eleventh planning" urban construction and management
  •   Yangpu District, "Eleventh planning" key issues of the construction of Knowledge Innovation Zone modern infrastructure system
  •   Reliability Management of the design of building structures, from Architectural Design Institute of Tongji University
  •   Project quality insurance Implementation Study
  •   Shanxi disaster prevention and management mechanism
  •   Major industrial sectors of energy-saving mode and management system
  •   Urban and rural construction disaster prevention and mitigation planning policies and measures
  •   Innovative features of the high-tech zones, industrial functions, and urban functional integration of the new development model
  •   Comprehensive study of the village of dangerous building appraisal theory and methods
  •   City disaster management system, mechanism, and the rule of law

Selected Publications


  •   Cheng Guoping, Xu Wenhao, Guan Xianjun. Emergency Rescue Facilities Locating Based on Stochastic Programming Research by Considering the Seismic Intensity of Earthquake. Proceedings of the 2nd Global Conference on Engineering and Technology Management 2015, Chicago, IL, USA, September 4 – 5, 2015.287-293.
  •   Cheng Guoping, Xu Wenhao, Guan Xianjun.Risk Assessment of Construction Project Based on AHP.[J] Value Engineering, 2015,14: 7-11.In Chinese
  •   Literature Review on Robust Optimization of Location Allocation of Mass Emergency Rescue Resources Distribution Nodes. [J] Logistics Technology, 2014,01: 8-11.In Chinese
  •   Xiaolei Xu,Xianjun Guan,Bing Zhang,RuiYa Jiang. Construction Projects Flexible Management Analysis Based on BIM .[J] Engineering Management Technology, 2014,06: 7-11.In Chinese
  •   Zhizong Chen,Xuan Tan, Xianjun Guan. A robust hub location model for disaster response via stochastic programming[A].Intelligent Systems and Decision Making for Risk Analysis and Crisis Response - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, RACR 2013[C], p 237-242, 2013.8. Taylor&Francis Group. Istanbul, Tukey.(EI: 20134817021366)