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WU Zongfa
WU Zongfa

Professor, PhD Advisor

Department: Innovation and Strategy




  •    2006: Post-PhD. of Management Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  •    1999: PHD. of Management, Hohai University
  •    1993: Master of Engineering,Hohai University
  •    1984: Bachelor of Engineering, Hohai University

Teaching Positions

  •    2005 - Now: Professor, School of Economics & Management, Tongji University
  •    1984 - 2005:Assistant and Full Professor, Hohai University

Corporate Practice Experience

  •    Training expert of post-project evaluation on water conservancy of the Ministry of Water Resources of PR China

International Experience

  •    Jul.,1996 – Aug., 1996: International Finance and Trade Association of Overseas Technicians, Yokohama, Japan


  •    Theory & Methods of Technology Economics
  •    Analysis & Assessment of Investment Project
  •    Land Economics&Project Immigration Study
  •    Behavioral finance

Sponsored Research Projects

  •    High speed rail national economy. National Railway Administration Foundation. Jun.,2019 - Now.
  •    Resettlement Plan for Upper Stream of Qingjiang River Environmental Improvement and Ecological Protection Project Tongji Architecture Design Institute Group. Apr.,2014 - Now.
  •    Research on Policy Trend of China’s Foreign Investment Management Shanghai Automobile Industry Education Fund Research Association .Apr., 2011 – Dec., 2011
  •    Immigration Resettlement Monitoring & Evaluation of Luohandong – DingxiHighway   Gansu Communications Department Dec., 2006 – Dec., 2011
  •    Immigration Social Advisory on Communications Management Project of Shijiazhuang financed by Asian Development Bank Shijiazhuang ADB Fund PMO. Jul., 2007 – Jul.,2009

Selected Publications

  • Li X, Wu Z, Zhao X. Economic effect and its disparity of high speed rail in China: A study of mechanism based on synthesis control method[J]. Transport Policy, 2020, 99: 262-274.
  •   Wu Zongfa, Ma Zhenpeng, MengXiuhuan, The Performance Evaluation Research of Public Project Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Model: A Study on the Construction of a Development-Results-Oriented Theoretical Framework, Journal of Nanjing Audit University, 2015 (1) (in Chinese)
  •   Wu Zongfa, Zhan Zexiong, Theoretical Analysis and Modeling for Land Compensation: Based on Prospect Theory, Journal of   Agrotechnical Economics, 2014 (11) (in Chinese)
  •   Zhan Zexiong, Wu Zongfa, Peng Jun, Study on ROSCA Civil Financing Model, South China Finance, 2014 (11) (in Chinese)
  •   Wu Zongfa, Zhang Yingli, Research on Total-Factor Productivity of China Listed Company Based on Stochastic Frontier Model, Innovation, 2011 (1) (in Chinese)
  •   Wu Zongfa, Zhang Yingli, Ultimate Ownership, Financial Constraints and Corporate Investment — Based on Empirical Evidence of Investment Cash Flow Sensitivity, Research on Economics and Management, 2011 (5) (in Chinese)


  •    Membership of Reservoir Economics Academy Association of Water Power Station Engineering Academy China
  •    Membership of Technology Economics Academy Association
  •    Membership of Real Estate Appraisal Association of China
  •    Membership of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Supervision Engineer Association of China
  • Huaihe River Watercourse Project Resettlement Practice and Research, Third prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province, the First winner
  •   Shijiazhuang Urban Transportation Project Resettlement Planning, First Prize of scientific and technological progress in Hohai University, the First winner
  •   Research on Cascade hydropower stations Optimization Development Order Model, Second Prize of scientific and technological progress in Hohai University, the First winner
  •   Research on Reservoir Resettlement Production Development Planning Theory, Second Prize of scientific and technological progress in Hohai University, the First winner
  •   Xiaolangdi Reservoir of Shangxi Area Resettlement Environment Capacity Research, Second Prize of scientific and technological progress in Hohai University, the First winner
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