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SHI Jianxun
SHI Jianxun

Professor, PhD Advisor

Position: Director of the Institute of Finance and Economics

Department: Department of Economics and Finance


sjx12188@163.com; 05004@tongji.edu.cn


  • 2002: Ph.D, Wuhan University
  • 1998: MA, Tsinghua University
  • 1982: BA, Lanzhou University of Technology


  • 2005-Now: School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  • 2003-2005: Engaged in the postdoctoral research in School of Economics Post-doctoral Mobile Stations, Fudan University
  • 1997-2003: Managing Director in a listed company (China's three main principals of large enterprise groups)
  • 1995-1997: Worked for the local government as a director
  • 1982-1995: Successively in domestic manufacturing enterprise as an engineer, senior engineer and executive

International Experience

  • Jul. 2019-Aug. 2019: Visiting University of Groningen, Netherlands; University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm University, Sweden; University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Jul. 2018-Aug. 2018: Visiting The Technical University of Madrid, Spain; University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Jul. 2017-Aug. 2017:Attending G20 Think Tank Summit Forum held in University of Hamburg, Germany; Visiting Vienna University of Economic and Business,  Austria; Warsaw School of Economic, Poland; University of Economics, Prague
  • Jul. 2016-Aug. 2016: Visiting The Australian National University,  The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, Australia
  • Aug. 2015-Sep. 2015: Visiting The University of Manchester, The University of Warwick, Imperial College London, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Nov. 2014-Dec. 2014: Visiting ESCP Europe, IESEG School of Management, Polytechnic University of Milan


  • Applied Economics
  • International Finance
  • Public Finance
  • Political Economics
  • Business Management


  • Applied Economics
  • International Finance
  • Public Finance
  • Political Economics
  • Business Management


Sponsored Research Projects

  • Research on the new characteristics of the change in the principal contradiction in China’s society in the new era(18VSJ007), sponsored by National Social Science Foundation of China, 2018-2019
  • Research on how to resolve China-Us trade disputes in the New Era(2018XAB010),2018-2019
  • Subject of National Social Science Foundation Decision-making Consultation Point(13JCD009),2013-
  • Research on the changing logic of the principal contradiction in China’s society and its solutions, sponsored by Department of Social Science, Ministry of Education in China, 2017-2018
  • Research on the subdivision of the stages of China's socialist development, the evolution history of the Concept of Development and the historical stages of China's development towards 2030, sponsored by Shanghai Social Science Key Project, ,2017-2019
  • Research on the principal contradiction of China's social development in the New Era, sponsored by Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office, 2017-2018
  • Research on currency substitution effect and policy choice in the process of RMB internationalization, sponsored by Scientific research and innovation major project of Shanghai Education Commission, 2017—2022
  • Research on improving Shanghai's financial supervision system during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, sponsored by a major research project of the 13th Five-Year Plan for the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center, completed in 2014.
  • Research on the construction of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone to serve the International Financial Center, sponsored by Shanghai Decision-making Advisory Committee, completed in 2015.
  • Decision-making Advisory Center under National Social Science Foundation, sponsored by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, 2013
  • The Research of the International Status & Role of RMB and the International Monetary System Reform, sponsored by National Social Science Fund Project, Jul. 2010-Oct. 2013
  • The Research of the Impact of the Establishment of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) on the Issue of Development Opportunities of SAIC-China, sponsored by Shanghai Auto-motive Educational Foundation Project, Jul. 2009-Apr. 2010
  • The Research of RMB Economic Region Development Trend and Shanghai International Finance Center Construction, sponsored by Shanghai Social Science Fund Project, Jun. 2008-Oct. 2010
  • The Research of Shanghai & Shenzhen Stock Market and the Hong Kong Stock Market Integration Trend as well as the Risk Characteristics, sponsored by Ministry of Education, Social Science Fund Project, Nov. 2007-Dec. 2009
  • The Capital Market of Auto Finance Innovation Tools and Influence of Listed Companies and the Countermeasures, sponsored by Shanghai Automotive Educational Foundation Project, Jul. 2007-Mar. 2008

Selected Publications


  • New elements, new drives and new reforms -Shanghai's 270 billion yuan of "new infrastructure" launched[N](in Chinese), Wenhui Daily, May 26th 2020
  • Solidifying the foundation of “new infrastructure”to promote the development of new business forms[N] (in Chinese), Jiefang Daily, May 13rd 2020
  • More than 50 billion yuan a month, the flow of foreign capital reveals the characteristic of China's economy[N] (in Chinese), Wenhui Daily, Apr.30th 2020
  • Resuming work is to stabilize employment, and resuming production is to stabilize the economy[N] (in Chinese), Jiefang Daily, Mar. 3rd 2020
  • Accurate resumption of work and production at different zones and levels shall be implemented[N] (in Chinese), Guangming Daily, Feb.28th 2020
  • Coordinate epidemic prevention and resumption of work[N] (in Chinese), Dagong Daily, Feb.27th 2020
  • Three leaps in the 70-year development outlook of China[J] (in Chinese), Research on Financial and Economic Issues, 2020(2)
  • A deep understanding of the new era connotation of seeking improvement in stability[J] (in Chinese), People's Forum · Academic Frontier monthly, 2019(10)
  • Three leaps and the historical significance in the evolution of the development concept since the founding of People’s Republic of China[N] (in Chinese), Jiefang Daily, Oct.29 2019
  • China's future will be even better[N] (in Chinese), Wenhui Daily, Oct.7th 2019
  • Focus on improving strategic thinking ability[N] (in Chinese), Guangming Daily, Jul.9th 2019
  • The main path of economic growth in contemporary China[N] (in Chinese), People’s Daily, Jun.24th 2019
  • Beware of strange arguments in China-Us economic and trade frictions[N] (in Chinese), Economic Daily, Jun.16th 2019
  • Monetary power: US Dollar hegemony and RMB internationalization[J] (in Chinese), Journal of Northwest Normal University(Natural Science) ,2019(06)
  • Hold the bottom line of zero occurrence of systemic financial risks [N] (in Chinese), Economic Daily, May17th 2019
  • The dilemma of theoretical explaining the China-Us trade disputes, realistic paradox and misunderstanding[J] (in Chinese), Research on Financial and Economic Issues, 2019(01)
  • Further deepen the understanding of the laws of economic work under the new situation[N] (in Chinese), Guangming Daily, Jan.1st 2019
  • Theoretical explanations of China's opening up in the past 40 years and practical paradoxes in the new era[J] (in Chinese),
    World Economy Studies, 2018(12)
  • Reducing taxes and fees will energize market players[N] (in Chinese), Wenhui Daily, Dec.25th 2018
  • China's reform and opening-up is a win-win situation for the world[N] (in Chinese), People’s Daily (overseas edition), Dec.12th 2018
  • There is still much room for improvement in building an international metropolis[N] (in Chinese), Jiefang Daily, Nov. 13rd 2018
  • China's economy is resilient and confident[N] (in Chinese), People’s Daily (overseas edition), Oct.20th 2018
  • Whether expanding the use of SDR will contribute to the internationalization of the RMB[J] (in Chinese), World Economy Studies,2018(10)
  • An ideological guide to how finance can better serve the real economy[N] (in Chinese), Economic Daily, Aug.2nd 2018
  • A bullying trade war can only be fought in self-defense[N] (in Chinese), Jiefang Daily, Jul.31st 2018
  • The Internet Finance Innovative Theory Foundation and the Challenge for Traditional Finance (in Chinese), Exploration and Free Views, Dec. 2014
  • Jian-Xun Shi, Chao-Hong Zheng, New Currency Standard of SDR Valuation and RMB Internationalization (in Chinese), Journal of International Economics and Trade Research, Feb. 2014
  • Jian-Xun Shi, "3322" Strategy of RMB Internationalization (in Chinese), Economic Survey, Jul. 2013
  • Current Hot Money China’s Flow (in Chinese), People’s Tribune, 2013 No.9: 48-50
  • Jian-Xun Shi, Ping Yi, An Empirical Study of the Substitution Elasticity of RMB in East Asian - model Extension Study Based on Demand of Money & Portfolio Theory,   Economic Survey, Mar. 2013 


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  • Research on the Principal Contradiction of China's Social Development in the New Era, People's Publishing House, 2019
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  • The Political Economics of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, Tsinghua University Press, 2018. This book is selected in the catalog of Chinese academic monograph translation projects, National Social Science Foundation of China, 2018.
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Teaching Materials

  • Case Study--Acquisition of Volvo by Geely, 2013
  • Case Analysis--Youku mergers Tudou , 2013
  • Acquisition risks and dispute Case--Acquisition of South Korea's Ssangyong Motor by SAIC in 2010
  • International Reconstruction Case--CHINA MERCHANTS GROUP, 2009


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