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YAN Shumin
YAN Shumin

Professor, PhD Advisor

Department: Organizational Management



  • 2000-2002, Post-doctorate, Mobile postdoctoral station of Xi’an Jiaotong University.
  • 2000, Ph.D. Management. Northwest A&F Scientific University.
  • 1995, M.S. Management. Northwestern Agricultural University.
  • 1987, B.S. Geography. East China Normal University.


  •    The Lake Thai basin authority: Team management and team creativity.
  •    Nanning Business and Government Ministry of Labour and Social Security: Strategic human resource management.
  •    Nanning Business and Government Ministry of Labour and Social Security: Human resources management ability.
  •    Shanghai Government: Human resources training and development. Shanghai International Port: Managers of leadership type-management oriented by performance. Medium and high,
  •    Shanghai’s Pulitzer: Human resource training. Medium and high
  •    Shanghai Volkswagent. HR Managers

Teaching Positions

  •    Aug., 2002 - Now: Associate and Full Professor, School of Economics & Management, Tongji University
  •    Aug., 2000 - Aug., 2002: Postdoctoral. Mobile postdoctoral station of Xi’an Jiaotong University.
  •    Jan., 1992 - Aug., 2000: Assistant Professor, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University.

Business Experience

  •    Jul., 1987 - Dec., 1991 Assistant, Engineer. Remote Sensing Center. Ningxia,

International Experience

  •    Aug., 2014 – Aug.,2015: Visiting Scholar, Marshall School of Business ,University of South California


  •    Human Resource
  •    Organization Behavior


  •    Human Resource Management
  •    leadership

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Can Internet Make Life Better? Influence of Work - Life Permeation on Employee's Well - being Based on the Internet Background. National Natural Science Foundation of China. Jan.,2019-Dec.,2022
  • Research on the policy of "war for talent". In Shanghai.Jul.,2018-Dec.,2018.
  • Research on BIM user satisfaction measure, influencing factors and its mechanism of action on continuous use behavior. National Natural Science Foundation of China. Jan.,2018-Dec.,2021
  • Research on the Reform of the Salary and Income System for Researchers (A) -- A Case study of Researchers in Universities in Shanghai. Shanghai Soft Science Key Project. Apr.,2017-Apr.,2018
  • Research on the identification of international professional qualification and domestic professional title in Suzhou. In Suzhou.Mar.,2017-sept.,2017
  • Research on work-family Balance of new Generation employees under the background of two-child policy.Mar.,2017-Jun.,2017
  • Optimization Design of Sales Compensation System for Zhongwang Longteng Software Company. In Guangzhou. May.,2013-Dec.,2013
  •    Research of the Growth Law and Development Measure of High-level Femal. Ministry of Education. Jan.,2011-Mar.,2013
  •    Research on The Coupling Mechanism of Human Capital in the Process Of Regional Integration Of Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Dec.,2010-Dec.,2011
  •    Research on the Analysis and Strategy of Inherent Correlation Between Enterprise Knowledge Management Innovation And Organizational Innovation. The National Social Science Fund. Sept.,2010-Sept.,2012
  •    Management Improvement Research of the Center Hospital in Yinzhou District, Ningbo.Jul.,2010-Jun.,2011

Selected Publications

  • He Jiang, Yan Shumin, Guan Jiao.Knowledge Mapping of New Urbanization Research in China for 10 Years :Evolution, Hotspots, Frontiers and Future Trend[J].Economic Geography,2020
  • HE Jiang, YAN Shumin, TAN Zhidan, HU Min, FENG Xingyuan, JIANG Huiling.Quantitative Analysis of Local Talent Policy under the Background of Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading:An Analysis from the Perspective of the Synergy Relationship of Government and Enterprise[J].Science and Technology Management Research,2020
  • Xia Q, Yan S, Zhang Y, et al. The curvilinear relationship between knowledge leadership and knowledge hiding[J]. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 2019.
  • Yan Shumin, Yang Xiaoli.Research on Innovation Motivation of Scientific Research Personnel in Colleges and Universities Based on Grounded Theory[J].Science and Technology Management Research,2019,39(1):39-45.
  • M.Yan , Y.W.Zhou. Research of work-family balance based on family life cycle, Open journal of social sciences, 2018, 4(11): 218~224
  • Yan Shumin, Zhou Yiwen. Study on Gender Trap in Work-Family Balance from the Perspective of Family Life Cycle[J]. Shanghai Management Science,2017,39(2):97-103.
  • Liang Zhilin, Yan Shumin. Based on Value Net Thinking of Traditional Corporate Human Resource Reform——A Case Study of Haier[J]. Human Resource Development of China,·2017(1):91-102.
  • YAN Shumin, XIE Xuhui. The Coping Mechanism of Workplace Ostracism for Knowledge Workers——the Mediating Role of Political Skill[J].Review of Economy and Management.  2016(1):45-53.
  • YAN Shumin, Bu Xinghui.Study on Relationship between Employees'Job Self- efficacy and Subjective Well- being---the Mediating Effect of Work -family Enrichment[J].Review of Economy and Management. 2015(4):35-41.
  • Hu Zhipeng, YAN Shumin. The Triple-Layer Glass Ceiling Blocked Women from Top Management and the Breakthrough Model[J].   Human Resource Development of China, 2014(7):30-36.
  • Yan Shumin, Qi Xiaojie. Gender, Education, Position and Political Skills of Management Personnel——Analysis based on Demographic Characteristics[J]. Shanghai Management Science.  2014, 36(2):60-64.
  • Yan Shu-min,Jin Yue-lian, Chen Ying. Research on relationship between job - family gain and roles resources of knowledge female workers in Chinese, Journal of Forecasting. 2013(12).


  • Work-family balance of new Generation employees under the background of two-child policy,Science Press. , 2019.
  • Career Development and Work-family Relations of Professional Women.Apr.,2015
  • Comparative Study of Human Capital in Western China, Independent Monograph, Shanghai Higher Education Press in Chinese,May.,2006.
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