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Professor, PhD Advisor

Position: Dean of Tongji University Development Institute

Department: Organizational Management




  • 1997, Ph.D. in Management, Fudan University
  • 1986, Master in Economics, Fudan University
  • 1982, Bachelor in Economics, East China Normal University

Teaching Positions

  • 2001 – Now, Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University.PHD Advisor and Dean of Tongji University Development Institute
  • 1990, Deputy Director, Eastern Management Research in Fudan University
  • 1986, Fudan University

Consulting and Management Activities

  • 1992 - 1995: General Manager, National Defense Materials Corporation
  • Director, Shanghai Kinlita Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Director, Anhui Xinhua media Co. Ltd.
  • Member of Board, Huachen Group
  • Chairman, China Merchants Property Development Co. Ltd.
  • Chairman, Singapore Changtian Chemical Group

International Experience

  • Oct., 2011: Visiting Scholar to French Business School
  • 2004: Teaching for MBA Programme on Contemporary Management Skills, University of South Australia

Course Development

  • Since 2007, the course “Modern Enterprise Organization Design” has been being “Outstanding Course of Tongji University”


  • Organizational Strategy
  • Inter-organizational Relationship
  • Cooperation Strategy between Enterprises
  • Enterprise Management
  • Organizational Modularity Design
  • The Management Model of Industrial Park

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Undertake a lot of strategy and organization consulting projects, such as projects entrusted by the former Materials Department of State, Department of Aviation, Wuxi and Yancheng city of Jiangsu province, Fengyang and Ningguo City of Anhui province, Bao steel group corporation, Furi Co., spaceflight electromechanical enterprises, etc.
  • Undertake National Park Industrial Planning of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi Province, and so on.
  • In charged of more than 50 National-level or International cooperative research projects, such as Shanghai City Hall emergency duty management system optimization study (2013), The National Natural Science Fund "Research on the Multi-level Network Actuator, Knowledge Heterogeneity and Enterprise Sustainable Innovation Ability"(2013), Programs of Foundation of Ministry of Education (2010), National Natural Science Foundation Project (2009), the Ph.D. National Soft Science Research Plan Project (2009), National 863 Plan Project (2002), World Bank Project (1990), German Albert Fund Project (1988), etc.

Selected Publications


  • LI Jun-qiang, REN Hao, ZHEN Jie, Stochastic Evolutionary Game analysis of Multiple Supervision Paths of Enterprise R&D Manipulation, Chinese Journal of Management Science, 1-15[2021-04-25].https://doi.org/10.16381/j.cnki.issn1003-207x.2019.1884.
  • LI Junqiang, REN Hao, Research and Development Manipulation,“Multi-Win Dilemma”, and Effective Regulation——Stochastic Evolutionary Game Model and Simulation, Journal of Systems und Management, 2020,29(06):1078-1089
  • Quantitative Evaluation of China's Photovoltaic Industry Policy Objectives Based on Synergy Model, [J].Journal of Tongji University, Natural Science,2020,48(06):913-921.
  • Junqiang Li; Hao Ren; Changcheng Zhang; Qingxia Li; Kaifeng Duan; Oveis Abedinia, Substantive Innovation or Strategic Innovation? Research on Multiplayer Stochastic Evolutionary Game Model and Simulation, [J]ComplexityVolume 2020, 2020.
  • Chen Tao; Yiying Qu; Hao Ren; Zhuopin Guo, The Influence of Inter-Enterprise Knowledge Heterogeneity on Exploratory and Exploitative Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Trust and Contract, [J]SustainabilityVolume 12, Issue 14. 2020.
  • Junqiang Li; Hao Ren; Chenqian Xu; Changcheng Zhang, Multiplayer Speculation, Interest Coalition, and Housing Prices Fluctuations, [J]Journal of Urban Planning and Development Volume 146, Issue 4. 2020.
  • The Possibility of China's Industrial Park Management Committee to Promote Interenterprise Cooperative Innovation in the Park: A Trilateral Evolutionary Game Perspective, Complexity
  • Tong Xing, Ren Hao, Mechanism of Ambidextrous Leadership and Team Ambidexterity Capability: a Mediated-Moderation Model——based on Team Reflexivity Perspective, Science & Technology Progress und Policy, 2019,36(19):137-144
  • YE Jiangfeng, Ren Hao,,Hao Bin.The impact of internal and external knowledge heterogeneity on innovation pPerformance:the moderating effects of strategic flexibility, Studies in Science of Science, May., 2015 (CSSCI)
  • Chen Zusheng, Ren Hao. Knowledge Base and Internet Status Have an Effect On the Choice of Learning Way of Enterprise Alliance – An Empirical Test in Chinese Electrical & Electronic Industry, Social Scientist, 2014(9): pp64-68
  • LIN Ming, Ren Hao, Dong Birong, Su Taoyong, OEM\ODM Dependency,Cross-cutting Ties and Exploratory Innovations of Firm in the Manufacturing Clusters, Forecasting, 2014(1): pp64-68
  • Cao Ning, Ren Hao. Research on Path Design of Large Enterprises Internationalization Strategy Based on Modularity, Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2014
  • Wang Yu, Ren Hao. Path and evolution of value innovation in modular organization, Science Research Management, 2014(1): pp150-156


  • Evaluation Expert, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Ministry of Education of China, and Committee of Science and Technology of Shanghai.
  • Director, Management and Administration Association of East Asia
  • Director, China Academy of Business Management
  • Vice Director, System Dynamics Commission of China Systems Engineering Society
  • Executive Vice Chairman, Enterprise Reengineering Research Center of Academy of National Economy Management
  • Chairman of Business and Administration Committee in Tongji University, 2014
  • Deputy Director of Professional System Dynamics Committee in Chinese Systems Engineering Society, 2014
  • Vice Chairman of the Chinese Institute 0f Business Administration, 2014
  • Editor of Journal of Management Science and Engineering in Hans Publishers, 2014
  • The Second Prize of Excellent Works of Shanghai Automotive Industry Education Foundation, 2014
  • The Second Prize of Philosophy and Social Science papers in Shanghai, 2012
  • The Second Prize of Excellent Teaching Material in Shanghai, 2011
  • Outstanding Teacher in Tongji University, 2009
  • The First Prize of Teaching in Tongji University, 2004
  • The First Prize of Teaching in Fudan University, 2000
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