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TANG Daizhong
TANG Daizhong

Associate Professor

Department: Construction Management and Real Estate




Be the doctor of management, now the associate professor and master tutor of Tongji University. Be the deputy head of construction management and real estate department of Tongji University, director of the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress, deputy dean of Kingwai Real Estate Research Institute of Tongji University, Deputy Secretary General of construction industry innovation and Development Research Institute of Tongji University, visiting scholar of Harvard Business School, external teacher of China Executive Leadership Academy. Pudong, distinguished expert of Shenzhen WorldUnion Properties Consultancy Co.,Ltd., and royal chartered of England Construction Engineer (CIOB). Presided over one National Natural Science Foundation, one national social science foundation, three provincial and ministerial projects, more than 20 projects entrusted by Shanghai Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, Housing Administration Bureau, free trade zone and other government departments, with a total amount of more than 3 million yuan. Published more than 20 academic papers, including more than 10 SCI / SSCI index papers. Presided over dozens of scientific research projects, involving a total construction amount of more than 10 billion yuan.

2008: Ph.D., School of Economics and Managements, Tongji University

Teaching Positions

  •    2008-Now: School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

International Experience

  •    2019.06-08, The University of British Columbia,visiting scholar ;
  •    2012.02,Harvard Business School,short-term training;
  •    2011.07,Harvard Business School,short-term training;
  •    2010.07 - 08,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, visiting scholar;


  •    Real Estate Development Management
  •    Real Estate Finance
  •    Project Management


  •    Real Estate Development Management
  •    Real Estate Finance


Sponsored Research Projects

  •    “Research on Shanghai House Acquisition Transaction Management Mechanism reform of Pudong New District” for Shanghai House Acquisition Transaction Center of Pudong New District, 12/2014-05/2015
  •    “Supervision and Management for House Levy in Shanghai” for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau,01/2014-12/2014
  •    “Shanghai Property Services into Urban Grid Management Platform” for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau,01/2014-12/2014
  •    “Research on House Acquisition Administration -the Implementation of the Shanghai state-owned Land Levy Anti-subsidy Regulations” for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau,2013
  •    “Research on Enterprises and Institutions in Shanghai House Acquisition (Demolition)”for Shanghai Housing Administration Bureau, 2013
  •    ”Research on the Land price Calculating System of Shanghai based on GIS” for Shanghai Urban Real Estate Surveyors-Appraisal Co., Ltd., 2013
  •    “Research on the Urban Land Use Change and Property Right Transfer Mechanism Research of Profit Distribution” Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013
  •    A Study of Redevelopment mechanism of Shanghai Urban District,Supported by Program for Young Excellent Talents in Tongji University, 2008-2010;
  •    ”Development of Residence Rental Market” for Shanghai Development Research Center;
  •    ”Study on Developing Strategy of Shanghai Real Estate Industry” for Shanghai Real Estate Appraisers Association,
  •    ”Study on Accelerate the Development of Elderly Community” for Shanghai Development Research Center
  •    ”Research on Urban Housing Demolition Operating Mechanism of Shanghai” for Shanghai Real Estate Management Bureau
  •    ”Research on the Construction and Consummate of Institution of Shanghai Urban Housing Safeguards” for Shanghai Real Estate Management Bureau
  •    ”Research on the Model Of Effective Market Analyzing” for Shanghai Real Estate   Management Bureau

Selected Publications


  •    Tang Daizhong; Shi Jiangang; *Wang, Wei. Towards Intelligent Expert Systems for Location Planning, Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, SCI, 2014
  •    Shi Jiangang、Lin Lingna、Tang Daizhong. Project Type Organization Members Horizontal Equity Preference Under Bidirectional Encourage Knowledge Sharing, SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (in Chinese),2014
  •    Shi Jiangang、Lin Lingna、Tang Daizhong. Consider Reciprocal Preference Incentives for Project Team Members Knowledge Sharing, Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science Edition),2014(10):1618-1625,(EI)
  •    Shi Jiangang、Lin Lingna、Tang Daizhong.Research on large construction engineering general contracting enterprise type projects across the organization integration innovation.JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING (in Chinese)2013/2
  •    Wang Wei、Zeng Guosun、Zhang Junqi、*Tang Daizhong. Dynamic trust evaluation and scheduling framework for cloud computing. Security and Communication Networks, 5(3), pp 311-318, 2012/3, SCI
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