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ZHOU Xianghong
ZHOU Xianghong

Professor, PhD Advisor

Position: Assistant Dean of the School of Economics and Management

Department: Public Administration




  • 2002-2005: Post-doctorate researcher of Management Science and Engineering, Urban Management, Tongji University
  • 1999-2002: Doctor of Laws, Sociology, Nanjing University

Teaching Experience

  • Present, MPA, EDP program, Tongji University Taught course on “The strategies and paths on impelling smart city” and “The administration and innovation of urban government”
  • 2008-present, EDP program, Tongji University Held lectures such as “Healthy city: International experience and Strategies” and “Problem of Impelling the ‘New Medical Reform’”
  • 2005-present, Undergraduate program to Public Administration, Tongji University Held lectures such as “Governance and ‘New Medical Reform’” and “The Charm of Management”
  • 2005-2007, MBA program, Tongji University Taught course on Hospital Management (elective course)
  • 2002-present, MPA program, Tongji University Taught course on Analysis of Public Policy (core course)
  • 2002-2003, Sino-French SIMBA program, Tongji University Taught course on studying Strategy and Problem of the Privation of Public Utilities

International Experience

  • 2005.01-2005.06, International health center of University of Toronto, Visiting Scholar; researched on international comparison of healthy policy
  • 2009.06-2009.09, International health center of University of Toronto, Senior visiting Scholar; researched on international comparison of healthy policy
  • 2002.07 – 2005.12, UNDP, Sub-topic Manager; researched on Sustainable study of China Economic Reform
  • 2011.12, UNICEF, National Development and Reform Commission, Topic Manager; studied on Trinity Strategies of Water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene and Effect of Alleviating Poverty
  • 2010.04 - 2010.12, UNICEF, National Development and Reform Commission, Topic Manager; studied on The Influence of Environmental Sanitation Improvement on the Economic and Social DevelopmentⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ
  • 2009.10-2010.10, SSRC (Social Science Research Council), Rockefeller Foundation, Top Manager; studied on the Relations between Health Vulnerability of the Poor Women and Environmental Sanitation in the “Villages in the Downtown (Slum)” in China
  • Social Position
  • Vice-chairman of Shanghai Public Administration Affair Research Council


  • Macro management and policy analysis, on urban public service management, medical care and health policy


  • Public Affair Management;
  • Public Policy;
  • Medical Care and Health Policy


Sponsored Research Projects

  • NSFC, A study on the functional mechanism, path and appraisal of E-commerce ecological chain on poverty reduction(71473177), 2015.1-2018.12
  • Science and technology commission of Jiading District of Shanghai, From Wisdom city to the intelligent government-research on Innovation of Management Operation Mode in Jiading New Town, 2011.12-2012.12
  • NSFC, Evaluating the effect of poverty reduction by drinking water and sanitation service in Chinese western rural areas
  • IPRCC(International Poverty Reduction Center in China), The Characteristics of China Urban Poverty and the Advice of Anti-poverty, 2010.04-2011.12
  • Wuxi sports venues and training management center, State-owned sports stadium development model, 2009.10-2010.10
  • Shanghai government development research center, The World Expo and construction of long triangle health city, 2008.10-2008.12
  • Shanghai education commission, Research of the safety and stability of effective mechanism of universities in Shanghai, 2007.12-2008.09
  • Shanghai sports bureau, Analysis on Influential Organism and Operating Pattern of Shanghai Development with significant Sports Events, 2006.03-2006.12
  • Shanghai Political and legal committee, Study report on setting up index of security construction of Shanghai, 2006.05-2006.12

Selected Publications


  • Study on Health Resources Allocation Efficiency in Shanghai Based on Data Envelopment Analysisy,Chinese Health Quality Management,2014.02
  • Comparative study on the allocative efficiency of health resources in districts of Shanghai,Shanghai Medical &Pharmaceutical Journal,2014.01
  • See wisdom city construction from the Wi Fi extension,Oriental Morning Post,2014.04
  • Correlation between WTP and Household Income for Water& Sanitation in Rural of China : A Empirical Analysis,Contemporary Social Sciences,2013.12
  • A docking-based receptor library of antibiotics and its novel application in predicting chronic mixture toxicity for environmental risk assessment,ENVIRONMENTALMONITORING AND ASSESSMENT,2013.6,
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