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SU Qiang
SU Qiang


Department: Management Science and Engineering


  • 2000.5-2001.4: Postdoctoral Researcher, Florida International University
  • 1998.4-2000.3: Postdoctoral Researcher, Tsinghua University
  • 1987.9-1997.12: Bachelor/Master/Ph.D., Xi'an Jiaotong University

Teaching Positions

  • 2010.3-Now: Professor, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University
  • 2004.7-2010.2: Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

International Experience

  • Senior Member of IEEE, ASQ, CAQ
  • 2012.3   Teaching Professor, Kedge Business School, France
  • 2001.5-2004.6: Senior Research Fellow, Florida International University
  • 1999.10-1999.12: Visiting Scholar, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


  • Operations Management (Quality management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management)
  • Production & service systems optimization and Business intelligent


  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Management


Sponsored Research Projects

  • “Intelligent factor plan for a enterprise”, Enterprise support project, 2018-2019, PI
  • “Life Cycle Oriented Quality & Safety Management and Resource Deployment Optimization for Health Care Services” , NSFC Key Project, 2015-2019, PI
  • “Research on Service Operation Maintenance and Improvement in the Metwork Environment” , NSFC Major Project, 2011-2014, PI
  • “Research on Quality Prediction and Control Technology for Complex Mechtronic Product Agile Assembling”, NSFC Project, 2011-2013, PI
  • “Research on Health Care Service Quality Engineering Methods and Key Technologies Based on the Clinical Pathway”, NSFC Project, 2007-2009, PI
  • “Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan, Research on Energy Scheduling Optimization System in Enterprise and Region” Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, 2009-2011, Key Project, PI

Selected Publications


  • Liu, M; Yang, DP; Su, Q; Xu, LJ. Bi-objective approaches for home healthcare medical team planning and scheduling problem. COMPUTATIONAL & APPLIED MATHEMATICS, 37(4), 4443-4474, SEP 2018. (SCI)
  • Duan, JN; Su, Q; Zhu, YH; Lu, YS. Study on the Centralization Strategy of the Blood Allocation Among Different Departments within a Hospital. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, 27(4), 417-434, AUG 2018. (SCI)
  • Su, Qiang; Yang, Wei; Liu, Yaowu. Optimization of carbon emission considering production planning at enterprise level. Journal of Cleaner Production, v 162, p 635-645, September 20, 2017 (SCI)
  • Qin, Xinghong; Su, Qiang; Huang, Samuel H. Extended warranty strategies for online shopping supply chain with competing suppliers considering component reliability. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, p 1-21, July 14, 2017 (SCI)
  • Liu, Xiao; Wang, Xiaoli; Su, Qiang; Zhang, Mo; Zhu, Yanhong; Wang, Qiugen; Wang, Qian. A Hybrid Classification System for Heart Disease Diagnosis Based on the RFRS Method. Computational and mathematical methods in medicine, 2017, 1-11. (SCI)
  • Liu, Hu-Chen; Li, Zhaojun; Song, Wenyan; Su, Qiang. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Using Cloud Model Theory and PROMETHEE Method. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, October 14, 2017 (SCI)
  • Fuzzy Petri nets Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators.Liu, Hu-Chen; You, Jian-Xin; You, Xiao-Yue; Su, Qiang Source: IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, v 46, n 8, p 1839-1850, August 2016(SCI)
  • Linguistic Reasoning Petri Nets for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Liu, Hu-Chen; You, Jian-Xin; You, Xiao-Yue; Su, Qiang Source: IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, v 46, n 4, p 499-511, April 2016(SCI)
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis under Uncertainty: An Integrated Multiple Criteria Decision Making Approach. Liu, Hu-Chen; You, Jian-Xin; Li, Ping; Su, Qiang Source: IEEE Transactions on Reliability, v 65, n 3, p 1380-1392, September 2016(SCI)
  • Li, Junxiang; Liu, Yafen; Tsung, Fugee; Huo, Jiazhen; Su, Qiang. Statistical Monitoring of Service Levels and Staffing Adjustments for Call Centers. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, v 32, n 8, p 2813-2821, December 1, 2016 (SCI)
  • Qiang Su, Qinyi Luo, Samuel H. Huang. Cost-effective analyses for emergency medical services deployment: A case study in Shanghai. International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 163, May 2015, Pages 112–123 (SCI)
  • Qiang Su, Jiajia Huang, Xiande Zhao, An information propagation model considering incomplete reading behavior in microblog, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 419, 1 February 2015, Pages 55–63. (SCI)
  • Qiang Su, Lu Chen, A method for discovering clusters of e-commerce interest patterns using click-stream data, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 2015, 14(1):1–13. (SCI)
  • Weizeng Ni, Samuel H. Huang, Qiang Su, Jinghua Shi, Model-independent Evaluation of Tumor Markers and a Logistic-Tree Approach to Diagnostic Decision Support, Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2014, 5(4):393-409. (SCI)
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  • Jinghua Shi, Oguzhan Alagoz, Fatih Safa Erenay, Qiang Su. A Survey of Optimization Models on Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment Planning, Annals of Operations Research, DOI 10.1007/s10479-011-0869-4. (SCI)
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  • Su Qiang, Wu Hailong, Qin Xinghong, Study on the Generation Mechanism of the Occupational Negative Evaluator and Its Control Strategies: Based on Taobao C2C Trading Platform, Nankai Business Review, 2014


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