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MI Lizhong
MI Lizhong

Associate Professor

Department: Innovation and Strategy

+86-21-65981559, +8613816697016



Industry analysis & Enterprise Strategy

Business model, Corporate governance and Organization culture

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Management


Dr. LiZhong Mi is engaged in research, teaching and management consulting services in his career. He has the profound combination of three kinds experience: teaching and research in first-class universities of finance and economics, senior executive management practice in four enterprises and providing management consulting service for more than 20 enterprises in the most influential consulting firm in china.

He is currently working in School of Economics and Management at TongJi University. He mainly teaches the core courses of business administration such as Industry research, Enterprise strategy, Business model, corporate governance and innovation/entrepreneurship management for MBA/EMBA/MEM/MPA and enterprise internal training and social open classes. while providing related management consulting services for both enterprises and government.

  • 1998-2000, Postdoctoral Station in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.(SUFE)
  • 1995 -1998, Ph.D., Dept. of Industrial Economics, Renmin University of China.(RUC)
  • 1988 -1991, Master, Dept. of Economics, Shanxi University of Finance & Economics.
  • 1981 -1985, Bachelor, Dept. of Economics, Shanxi University


  • 2019-Now,Chief Strategic Officer of Jiangsu Piaoma Intelligent Equipment company
  • 2018-Now, General Partner in Shanghai DaJian Capital (PE Fund)
  • 2008 -Now, Chief partner of Shanghai DaoJi Enterprise management Consulting Company
  • 2005 – 2007, Executive Director, Shanghai Institute of Corporate Culture and Brands
  • 2001 – 2003, Vice President, Chief Consultant of Hejun Entrepreneurship Research Consulting Company
  • 1999 – 2001, Director of Strategy Research Department, Shanghai Telecom


  • Invited company visits: New York Stock Exchange, Lucent and Bell Labs, Cisco, Silicon Valley ,Huawei, Northern Canada Telecom, Toronto Stock Exchange, Kingston Farm, Niagara Grape Plantation, Quebec Thousand Island Lake Development, etc.
  • Invited university visits: Harvard University, Cornell University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Waterloo


Teaching Experience

  • 2003 - Now, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  • 1998 – 2000, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • 1985 – 1998, Department of Economics, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Main courses offered

Industrial structure and industrial planning/Strategic Management/Business model reconstruction /Enterprise culture construction and management/R&D management, /Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management.


  • Mi Lizhong, Tang Wenxin. (2017) The Methods of Achieving Organizational Ambidexterity and Constraints: from Perspective of Core Competence Iteration Innovation. Science & Technology Progress and Policy.(CSSCI)
  • Mi Lizhong,Xie Man.(2015) Research on the Mechanism of Open Innovation & Management Mechanism. Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences.(CSSCI)
  • Mi Lizhong,Wang Jiangwei.(2015) Research on Implementation Path of ambidextrous organization, Journal of Tsinghua University, Innovation & Entrepreneurship management , Special.(CSSCI)
  • Mi Lizhong,Guo Zhixiao.(2015) Deconstrction of Modern agricultural production organization pattern, Issues in Agricultural Economy.(A)
  • Mi Lizhong, WangYi.(2014) Under the Brand Based on the Relationship between the Fracture and Adjourned Perspective Pehchaolin Brand Recovery, International Journal of Technology Management. (EI)
  • Mi Lizhong, Cheng Siyang.( 2011)Adaptive Material and Structure Analysis of Feedback Circuit in Industry Evolution and Enterprise Growth.,Advance in Intelligent and Soft Computing. (EI)
  • Mi Lizhong,(2010)The Value Chain Path of Enterprise Building Core Competence. Modern Finance and Economics.
  • Mi Lizhong,BiYusheng,Wang Xiaoli.(2007) Pricing Subordinated Bonds Issued by Commercial Bank. Journal of Management Sciences.(A)
  • Mi Lizhong, Bi Yusheng. (2007) Research on bond pricing under default. Finance & Trade Economics.(A)
  • Mi Lizhong, Cao Jianhai. (2006) Present Situation, Causes and Policy Suggestions of Industrial Overcapacity in China. Economic management.(B)
  • Mi Lizhong, Li Guoping. (2005) Behavioral Finance Explains the Reason of Corporate Merger and Common Defeat. Journal of Financial Research.(A)
  • Mi Lizhong.(2003)A road to prosperity —— Michael. Porter's Competitive Blade and Its Evolution. 21 Century Economic Report.


Over the past two decades, He has bid for or hosted more than 20 enterprises in the deep industry research and implementation of strategic planning, business model reconstruction, organizational culture construction, R & D innovation management and service marketing and other management consulting projects.

The enterprises he provided consulting and advisory services are mostly industry leaders, research consulting proposition and case value is significant, those profound management consulting experience earned him a good reputation in the consulting industry. His research and consulting experience are embodied in his original SSMMARRT industry research and enterprise strategy Model and "modular construction" enterprise "management way" deep culture construction model.

Select the important cases stated as follows:

Name of Companies Research/consulting services theme Bidding for/project implementation phase
China Telecom Corporation


GREP Competitiveness, Strategic Responsibility and First-class Culture Construction 2002.5-2003.7
China Mobile Communications Corporation Benchmarking, Competitiveness Strategy and Goal Decomposition 2001.11-2002.3
China Youth Travel (Youth Travel Holdings) Tourism format, business model and strategy implementation 2001.7-2002.6
Petro China, Asset Operations Department Strategic positioning, business structure and responsibility decomposition 2001.11-2002.1
Jin Jiang Hotel Group, Inc. Multiculturalism, Benchmarking and First Class Hotel Creation 2004.10-2005.3
Bank of Shanghai Compliance Control, Benchmarking and Organizational Responsibility 2004.3-2004.10
Shanghai Jinqiao Development Zone Structural Reorganization, Investment Mode and Cultural Construction 2005.7-2005.11
China Unicom, Shanghai Corporation Tele network, Service Contact and Construction of Sunflower Culture 2006.10-2007.3
Wuhan Postal and Tele Academy R & D model, benchmarking and strategy implementation 2003.10-2004.3


Shanghai Institute of Tele-Technology share incentive plan

, business units ,strategic planning



Shanghai Institute of Electrical Science Technical Barriers, R & D Management and Strategy 2006.10-2007.3
Changsha Cigarette Factory Industry Declaration, Strategic Objectives and Simple Culture 2002.10-2003.1
Zhejiang Southeast Electric Power Co., Ltd.: Electric power bidding, low-cost power plant model and strategy 2003.1-2003.10
China Electronic, Map Communications Company: R & D Management, Process optimization and Construction of "Water Culture" 2002.3-2002.7


Xin Ao Gas Company Business Model, Organizational Control and Cultural Programme 2003.10-2004.8
China Energy constrution Group, Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company: Industrial Research, Strategy planning and Blue Nest Culture 2003.10-2006.9
Beijing Power Transmission & Transformation Company of North China Power Grid: Three Accounting, Scope Economy and Strategy Implementation 2008.10-2009.12


Baofeng Energy Group in Ningxia: Business Structure, Organizational Responsibility and Strategic Control 2010.10-2011.3
Yonghe Da Wang Fast Food Company Business Process, Service Node and Cultural Construction 2011.8-2010.12
Xuzhou Hengjiu Steel Structure Company Business Structure, Business Model and Cultural Construction 2013.6-2013.10
Fujian Electronic Information Group Company Business Reorganization, Strategic Planning and Cultural Construction 2015.5-2015.10
Jiangsu PiaoMa Intelligent Equipment Company Decentralized ,Process, Project System and Partnership 2019.6-Now


  • Research on Manufacture Industry Cluster & Upgrading Approach in Shanghai for Shanghai Gov.Jun.,2010 – Jun.,2011
  • Research on Equipment Industry Park planning of Sheyang, for Jiangsu Sheyang County Government, Dec.,2010-Jun.,2011
  • Industry planning for Jiuyuan Industrial Park in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia Baotou Jiuyuan Industrial Park, Jan.,2009 – Oct.,2009
  • Industry Updating approach research for Huangyan County, Zhejiang. Aug.,2006 – Oct.,2006


  • 2005 - 2015, Shanghai Yang Pu District CPPCC Member
  • Research on the Construction and Optimization Path of "Three-District Linkage"   (Committee Proposal Research 2010)
  • Investigation, benchmarking and Evaluation of "Encircling Tongji Knowledge Circle" in Yangpu District   (Member's Proposal 2011)
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