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WANG Hongwei
WANG Hongwei


Position: Deputy Director of Department of Management Science and Engineering

Department: Management Science and Engineering




  •   2004: Ph.D., ShanghaiJiaoTongUniversity
  •   1996: Bachelor, DalianUniversity of Technology


  •   Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  •   Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission

Teaching Positions

  •   2005-Now: School of Economics and Management, TongjiUniversity

International Experience

  •   Mar.,2013-Apr.,2014 Eller School of Management, University of Arizona
  •   Jan.,2009-Jul.,2009. RA, Department of Computing,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  •   Jul.2008-Aug.,2008 Harvard Business School


  •   Management Information System
  •   Social Computing
  •   E-commerce


  •   Management Information System


Sponsored Research Projects

  •   Impact of Online Reviews on Products Sales— from the Perspective of Sentiment Analysis, National Natural Science Foundation,Hongwei Wang, Jan.,2014-Dec.,2017
  •   Impact of Online Reviews on Products Sales, Impact of Online Reviews on Products Sales, Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science,Jun.,2013-Jul.2015
  •   Emotion Analysis from Online Consumer Reviews in Chinese Based on Fuzzy Ontology Model, the National Natural Science Foundation of China,Dec., 2010.
  •   Research on Semantic‐oriented Enterprise Metadata Models Using Ontology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Dec.,2008.
  •   Ontology Design and Evaluation based on Extension Set Theory, the Humanity & Social Science Research of Ministry of Education of China.etc.Jun.,2008
  •   Development of Office Automation System for ShanghaiIntellectualPropertyPark, ShanghaiIntellectualPropertyPark, 2006
  •   Design and Development of Moral Evaluation Information System for Public Officials, Jiangbei District Government, Ningbo, ZhejiangProvinceetc., 2006

Selected Publications


  •    Hongwei Wang &Lijuan Zheng: Sentiment classification of Chineseonline reviews: a comparison of factors influencing performances, Enterprise Information Systems, 2014,(SCI, EI Cited)DOI: 10.1080/17517575.2014.947635
  •    Wei Shi, Hongwei Wang &Shaoyi He. EOSentiMiner: An Opinion-aware System Based on Emotion Ontology for Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Online Reviews,Journal of Experimental &Theoretical Artificial Intelligence,2014 in press
  •    Hongwei Wang,Wei Wang, Pei Yin. PRODWeakFinder: An Information Extraction System for Mining Product Weakness in Online Reviews Based onSentiment Analysis. The 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS2014), Chengdu, China, June 24-28, 2014
  •    Hongwei Wang, Wei Wang, (2014) "Product weakness finder: an opinion-aware system through sentiment analysis", Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 114 Iss: 8, pp.1301 – 1320. DOI 10.1108/IMDS-05-2014-0159
  •    Lijuan Zheng, Hongwei Wang, Kaiqiang, Guo, Sentiment Intensity of Online Reviews based on Fuzzy-Statistics of Sentiment Words, Jounal of Systems & Management,2014,23(3):324-330
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