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SHI Jiangang
SHI Jiangang


Department: Construction Management and Real Estate



  •    2002: Ph.D., School of Economics and Managements, Tongji University
  •    1989: Master, School of Economics and Managements, Tongji University
  •    1984: Bachelor, School of Economics and Managements, Tongji University

Teaching Positions

  •    2002.03-Now: Professor, PhD Adviser, School of Economics and Management
  •    1996.03-2002.03: Associate Professor, Master Adviser, Tongji University
  •    1990.03-1996.03: Lecturer, Tongji University
  •    1984.07-1990.03: Assistant Professor, Tongji University

International Experience

  •    2015.01 - 2015.02, Professional Visiting,Singapore
  •    2007.07-08, Professional Visiting, Australia
  •    2004.11-12, Professional Visiting, Germany, France, Swiss
  •    1996.06-07, Advanced Visiting Scholar, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  •    Analysis and Appraisement about Real Estate Investment Environment
  •    Land Management
  •    Urban Development and Management
  •    Real Estate Development and Management


  •    Analysis and Appraisement about Real Estate Investment Environment
  •    Land Management
  •    Urban Development and Management
  •    Real Estate Development and Management


Sponsored Research Projects

  •    Under the New Situation, Research on Shanghai Land Use Management System Reform,2014.05-2014.12
  •    Research Project on Shanghai Rural Land Management Mode and TransferMechanism, 2013.04-2014.03
  •    Shanghai Stock Land "Secondary Development" and the Function of Central City Promotion Countermeasures,2013.03.-2014.06
  •    Investigation and evaluation of development in Shanghai suburb,2012.03-2012.09
  •    Management of Land Resources, Assets, Capital Research-the Case of Shanghai,2012.09-2013.05
  •    Research on CaohejingTaopuWisdomCity of Science and Technology Development,2012.11-2013.05
  •    Research on The Urban Housing System Reform and the Evaluation of the Effect, 2012.01-2014.12
  •    Urban Housing System Reform and Effect Evaluation Research in China,2012.01-2014.12
  •    Research on Transfer Model of Collective Construction Land of Rural Area in Shanghai, Shanghai Geological Survey Institution,2010.3‐2010.9

Selected Publications


    • Hongyun Si y , Jian-gang Shi *, Daizhong Tang y, Shiping Wen, Wei Miao and Kaifeng Duan. Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior in Environmental Science: A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis[J]. 2020(1)152:104513.(ISSN:0921-3449(SCI(E)(WOS:000496867700013);SSCI(WOS:000496867700013)
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    • Shi, J.; Min, X.; Si, H.; Tang, D.; Miao, W. The Transition from Housing Demolition to Conservation and Renovation in Shanghai: Challenges and Countermeasures[J]. Land 2019, 8, 175. (SSCI)
    • Hongyun Si, Jian-gang Shi , Guangdong Wu, Jindao Chen, Xianbo Zhao. Mapping the bike sharing research published from 2010 to 2018: A scientometric review. Journal of Cleaner Production. Volume 213, 10 March 2019, Pages 415-427
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    • Jiangang Shi 1, Shiping Wen , Xianbo Zhao , Guangdong Wu. Sustainable Development of Urban Rail Transit Networks: A Vulnerability Perspective[J]. Sustainability 2019, 11(5), 1335
    • Jiangang Shi, Kaifeng Duan , Shiping Wen ,Rui Zhang. Investment Valuation Model of Public Rental Housing PPP Project for Private Sector: A Real Option Perspective[J]. Sustainability 2019, 11(7), 1857
    • Jian-gang Shi , Hongyun Si, Guangdong Wu, Yangyue Su, Jing Lan.Critical Factors to Achieve Dockless Bike-sharing Sustainability in China: A Stakeholder-oriented Network Perspective[J]. sustainability.2018,10(6).(ISSN2071-1050 ,doi:10.3390/su10062090)
    • Chao Chen(1), Jiangang Shi(1).Chinese local Government's behavior in land supply in the context of housing market macro-control[J].Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics,2017(6):1289-1306.(ISSN09720502;EI:20174104267287)
    • Jiangang Shi, Jiajia Li. Study on the Variations Characteristics of Compactness of China's Large Cities Based on Entropy Weight Method[J]. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering,2016,9(2),717-723.(ISSN 0974-5904, EI)
    • Jiajia Li, Jiangang Shi. The influential factors of CO2 emission in China's cities a spatial econometric analysis[J]. Revista de la Facultad de Ingeniería,2016,31(4),153-166.(ISSN 0798-4065, EI20164803062600)
    • Daizhong Tang, Guangdong Wu ,Jiangang Shi.Behavioral coordination mechanism of inter-organizational knowledge innovation in real estate projects[J].Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics,2016,19(3):395-412.EI(ISSN: 0972-0502)
    • Lai, X. D., Wu, G. D., Shi, J. G., Wang, H. M., & Kong, Q. S.. PROJECT VALUE-ADDING OPTIMIZATION OF PROJECT-BASED SUPPLY CHAIN UNDER DYNAMIC REPUTATION INCENTIVES[J].  International Journal of Simulation Modelling, 2015,14(1), 121-133(ISSN1726-4529,SCI,WOS:000351950800011)
    • Daizhong Tang, Jiangang Shi, Wei Wang. Intelligent Expert Systems for Location Planning[J]. Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences,2015,9(3): 1611-1621.(ISSN 1935-0090)
    • JIAN-GANG SHI,JIN-CAN LIU .The Transaction Issues About the Remaining-term Use Rights of Urban Industrial Land in China Based on Double Auction Model[J]. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING.2014(10):2025-2030,EI
  •    Guangdong Wu,Qingshan Kong,Jian-gang Shi,Hamid Reza Karimi,and Wei Zhang. Information Sharing and Channel Construction of Supply Chain under Asymmetric Demand Information[J]. Journal of Applied Mathematics,Hindawi Publishing Corporation,Volume 2014,Article ID 107589,8 pages,,2014,SCI
  •    SHI Jiangang,LIN Lingna. Empirical study on the incentive model of knowledge sharing within project-oriented organization based on knowledge potential theory[J].       Journal of applied sciences,2014(3):201-211. EI
  •    Shi Jiangang, Lin Lingna, Tang Daizhong, Reciprocal Preference-based Knowledge Sharing Incentive of Project Team, Journal of Tongji University(Natural Science)2014(10):1618-1625,EI
  •  Shi Jiangang, Kong Qingshan,Based on the Bounded Rationality of Engineering Quality Supervision,Journal of Tongji University(Natural Science),2014(8),EI

Professional Societies

  •    Vice President and the Presidency in 2014,ChinaAssociation of Real Estate Academicians,CAREA
  •    Academic Director, The Global Chinese Real Estate Congress
  •    Xinhua News Agency, Special Economic Analyst
  •    Policy Consultant, National Housing and Urban Construction Ministry
  •    Vice Chairman, China Higher Universities and Colleges Real Estate Association
  •    Member, MPA Teaching Guidance Committee
  •    Expert, National Social Science Fund
  •    Editorship
  •    Editor, Real Estate Journal
  •    Editor, Real Estate Evaluation
  •    Third Prize of ExcellentPaper in the National Level Academic Committee, 2014
  •    Shanghai Municipal Excellent Courses, 2013
  •    Second Prize of Excellent Paper in the National Level Academic Committee, 2013
  •    Excellent Paper ofChina Education Guide, 2013
  •    Third Prize of the Best paper in The Global Chinese Real Estate Congress 2012
  •    Second Prize of Shanghai Excellent Teaching Materials, 2011
  •    Excellent Paper at Academy of Management Annual Meeting (6th ), 2011
  •    Excellent Dissertation Adviser, National Economics and Management Discipline
  •    Development Fund, 2010
  •    High Quality Courses of Tongji University, 2010
  •    Third Prize, Shanghai Excellent Teaching Materials
  •    First Prize, Tongji University Teaching Reform
  •    Second Prize, Li Guohao Teaching Scholarship
  •    Professor Award by UTC, US
  •    Great Merit, Shanghai Personnel Bureau
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