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FU Shijie
FU Shijie

Associate Professor

Department: Public Administration



  • 19801984: Bachelor's degree in History, XiamenUniversity
  • 19961997: Complete a master's program in Economics, Shanghai Academy of Social Economy

Teaching Positions

  • 1984-Now: TongjiUniversity


  • Administrative Ethics
  • Human Resource Management in Public Sector


  • Administrative Ethics
  • Human Resource Management in Public Sector


Sponsored Research Projects

  • “The research of historical relationship between inner-party democracy and people's democracy”, Shanghai philosophy and social sciences planning project, 2005

Selected Publications


  • Fu Shijie, “How did Liu shaoqi think of the national bourgeoisie?”The research of Liu shaoqi economic thought, Tianjin People's Publishing House, 2000.
  • Fu Shijie, “Colleges and universities should pay attention to choosing the teaching and research”. Jiangsu higher education. 1998(3).
  • Fu Shijie, The difference between leadership and management when choosing a person for a job, Human Resource Management. 2015(11).
  • Fu Shijie, “The meaning of using classical cases in undergraduate teaching”, Research and teaching reform on education, Tsinghua University Press, 2015
  • Fu Shijie, Mei Lihong. “General line and theory of the transition period”, Journal of Tongji University Social Science Section, 2002(3).
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