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XIE Shengqiang
XIE Shengqiang

Associate Professor

Position: Deputy director of Investment Research Institute

Department: Innovation and Strategy

+86-21-65981585 / 51030989


  •    Sept.,2001 – Mar.,2005: Ph.D., School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  •    Sept.,1996 – Mar.,1999: Master, Shanghai Railway University
  •    Sept.,1989 – Jul.,1993: Bachelor, Shanghai Railway University

Teaching Positions

  • 2000 - Now: Lecturer, Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  • 1993 – Mar.,2000: Shanghai Railway University

International Research

  • China-Netherlands Sustainable Development Information Sharing Platform Financing Model, China's State Information Center, Apr.,2006 – Dec.,2006


  •    Venture Capital
  •    Entrepreneurship


  •    Venture Capital
  •    Entrepreneurship

Sponsored Research Projects

  •   Industry development plan of the Xiuwu industry cluster area in Henan Province, Henan Province Xiuwu Industry Cluster Zone, Sept.,2010-Sept.,2011
  •   Based on the Fast Track Model of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line Project Investment Control, Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line Co., Ltd.,Sept.,2009 – Sept.,2010
  •   Industry Development Plan of the Ruzhou industry gathering area in Henan Province,   Ruyang Development and Reform Commission, Henan Province, Jun.,2009-Mar.,2010
  •   Industrial Development Plan of Ruyang industrial cluster area in Henan Province, Ruyang Development and Reform Commission, Henan Province Jun.,2009-Dec.,2009
  •   Railway Passenger Dedicated Line project investment control, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Aug.,2007-Mar.,2008
  •   Small Investors' Interests Protection in Stock Market, Investor Protection Fund of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Apr.,2006-Apr.,2007
  •   Shanghai Venture Capital Survey Development Report, Shanghai Venture Capital Association, Jun.,2006-Dec.,2006
  •   China-Netherlands sustainable development information sharing platform financing model, China's State Information Center, Apr.,2006 – Dec.,2006
  •   Suzhou River and the national industry culture - entrepreneurship, Shanghai Changfeng Ecological Business District Planning Office, Mar.,2006-Jun.,2007
  •   Shanghai entrepreneurial talent qualities and training mode, Science and Education Research Fund of Shanghai Board of Education, Dec.,2005-Dec.,2006
  •   Entrepreneurial Talent Qualities and Identification Methods, Project Leader: Chen Demian, Xie Shengqiang, National Natural Science Foundation, 2005-2008

Selected Publications

  •   Xie Shengqiang, Calculation Model for Urban Economic Transformation Financing needs, Business Horizon, (1): 296, Jan.,2013
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Biological medicine industry development in Shanghai,  Economic Research Guide, (176): 195-197, Oct.,2012
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Evolutionary Game Analysis of Chinese Urban Housing Demolition Based on Interest Groups, The International Conference on Information and Science,Safety Engineering, 1116(12): 63-66, Jun.,2012
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Research on the plastic debris in the north pacific ocean, International Conference Proceeding, (4):10, May.,2012
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Chen Demian, Yanchao. Risk causes of empirical studies based on factor analysis of China's securities companies, Modern Management Science,   2009(10)
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Chen Demian, Chen Yingying, Yanyan. Foreign entrepreneurship training model and the characteristics of study, Technology Monthly, 2009(3)
  •   Lifang, Xie Shengqiang. Review of the risk management of securities companies.   Economic Research Guide. 2009(28)
  •   Hu linna,Xie Shengqiang. Based on the GIS investment in railway construction project management information system design. Information Management, 2009(3)
  •   Zhang Ying, Xie Shengqiang. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail project completion risk analysis, Management observation, 2008(13)
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Chen Yingying. Research based on expert surveys and factor analysis method Shanghai venture investment environment index, Scientific Management Research, 2008(6)
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Research on technology innovation capacity model and shaping path of Science and technology business enterprise,  Scientific Management Research, 2008(2): 24-27
  •   Xie Shengqiang. Risk business growth process of risk control model and control system, Finance and Trade Research, 2008(2)
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Yanyan. Risk enterprise-wide risk control mechanism. Science & Technology Monthly, 2008(3)
  •   Xie Shengqiang. Enterprise technical innovation and entrepreneurial risk and technological innovation capacity to nurture. Scientific studies, 2008
  •   Chen Yingying, Xie Shengqiang. Entrepreneurship, culture and Countermeasures mode, Science & Technology Monthly, 2008(1)
  •   Xie Shengqiang. Venture growth process Risk Solutions, Technology start-ups, 2007(11)
  •   Xie Shengqiang, Chen Yingying. Problems and Countermeasures of the legal system construction of China's Venture Capital, Scientific Management Research, 2007(6)
  1. Executive member of Beijing Blue Crystal Fund Investment Committee
  2. Chief expert of Foxconn Intelligent Cloud
  3. Director of the financial investment committee of the International Clean Energy Forum (Macao)
  4. Entrepreneurship tutor of Tongji and Jiaotong University Science Park
  1. China Securities Association 2018 artificial intelligence key topic excellent award
  2. Investment control of Shanghai Hangzhou 350 km / h high-speed railway passenger dedicated line won the second prize of science and technology progress
  3. Investment control of four passenger dedicated railway lines including Wenfu, Yingxia and Hefei Wuhan, won the science and Technology Progress Award
  4. Second prize of Shanghai enterprise management modernization innovation achievement
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