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YE Xin
YE Xin

Associate Professor

Department: Economics and Finance



  • 1998-2004: Bachelor in Economics, Xi'an Jiaotong University
  • 1994-1998: Ph.D. in Management, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Teaching Positions

  • Jul. 2005-Now: Lecturer, Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

International Experience

  • Aug.2016-Oct.2016: Visiting FIELDS Research Institute, Canada
  • Feb.2014-Mar.2014: Visiting National University of Singapore
  • Apr.2013-Sept.2013: Visiting York University, Canada


  • International Finance (Exchange Rate)
  • Monetary Finance (Monetary Policy)
  • Financial Markets and Institutions (Financial Stability, Currency crisis and Banking crisis)


  • International Finance and Management (Undergraduate, Bilingual)
  • Corporate Finance (Undergraduate)
  • Monetary Theory and Application (Academic Master)


Sponsored Research Projects

  • Research on the Pressure Transmission Mechanism and Intervention Policy of China's Foreign Exchange Market and Currency Market, supported by Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, 2019-2021.
  • Markov Regime-switching Approach-based Model for Identifying RMB Appreciation Pressure, supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,2011-2013.
  • Selective Hedging Strategy of RMB for International Portfolios, Youth Fund Project of Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences, 2009-2011.

Selected Publications


  • Xin Ye, Jiayuan Wang, Impact of Capital Supervision Pressure on Commercial Banks’ Underestimation of Non-Performing Loans(in Chinese) [J], Shanghai Finance, 2020 No.3:73-79. (CSSCI)
  • Xin Ye, Chuantai Yuan, A Study on the Measurement and Interaction Relationship of Exchange Market Pressure and Money Market Pressure in China (in Chinese) [J], Forecasting, 2018 Vol.37 No.4:60-66. (CSSCI)
  • Xin YE, Jing LIU, Empirical Analysis on the Dynamic Impact of RMB Appreciation Pressure, Inflation and Monetary Policy (in Chinese),  [J], System Engineering, 2014 Vol.32 No.10: 1-8 (CSSCI)
  • Xin YE, Jie WANG, The Dynamic Impact of Chinese Bank Loans and Housing Prices in Macroeconomic Environment: SVAR Model Based Empirical Analysis (in Chinese) [J], Management Review, Management Review, 2013 Vol.25 No.9: 62-71. (CSSCI)
  • Xin YE, MS-AR Model Based Dynamic Identification of RMB Appreciation Pressure (in English) [C], Proceedings of 2013 the 19th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Jul. 2013, IEEE Publication. (EI)
  • Xin YE, Identifying the Period of RMB Appreciation or Depreciation Expectation Pressure based on Markov Regime-Switching Model (in Chinese) [J], System Engineering, 2012 No.10:49-55. (CSSCI)
  • Xin Ye, Weizhong Chen, Lihua Sun, A Regime-switching Approach for Identifying Abnormal Fluctuation of RMB Non-deliverable Forward Exchange Rate (in Chinese) [J], Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science), 2012 Vol.40 No.12:1894-1898. (EI)
  • Xin YE, Lu ZHANG, Weizhong CHEN, The Performance of RMB Conditional Hedging Strategies Based on Forward Premium Rule (in Chinese) [J], Management Review, 2011 No.7:11-16. (CSSCI)
  • Xin Ye, Hua Zhou, Analysis on the Influence of RMB Appreciation Expectation on FDI Inflow in China (in Chinese) [J], Forecasting, 2011 Vol.30 No.1:45-49. (CSSCI)
  • Xin Ye, Lu Zhang, Ming-ming Liu, The Performance of Conditional Hedging RMB for International Portfolios (in English) [C]. International Conference on Management Science and Engineering. IEEE, 2011:1233-1238. (EI)


  • International Finance & Management (in Chinese), Tsinghua University Press, Sept. 2015
  • International Finance & Management Exercises (in Chinese), Tongji University Press, Feb. 2010

Professional Societies

  • Member of Shanghai Finance Association
  • Peer reviewer, Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science)
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