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LI Xiangyong
LI Xiangyong


Department: Management Science and Engineering



  • 2004-2007, Ph.D. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • 2001-2004, Master, Southwest Jiaotong University
  • 1997-2001, Bachelor, Southwest Jiaotong University

Teaching Positions

  • 2010 - present School of Economics & Management, Tongji University

International Experience

  • 2007.11 - 2009.12 Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, Canada, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 2007.9 - 2007.10 Business School of Hongkong City University, Research Associate

Research Interests

  •  Service network design and optimization
  • Data-driven operation optimization
  • Revenue management and pricing

Teaching Interests

  • Operations Research
  • Optimization Methods for Management
  • Dynanic Pricing and Revenue Management


Sponsored Research Projects

  • NSFC grant (72072127), Order Fulfillment Problem for the Omni-Channel Retailing 2021.1 -2024.12
  • NSFC grant (71672126), Order Matching Problem for Online-to-Offline Instant Distribution Service 2017.1 -2020.12
  • Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Project (15YJA630030), Service Network Design and Optimization for Express Packages 2015.1- 2017.12.
  • NSFC grant (71101105), Dynamic pricing in the presence of hyperbolic-discounting consumers 2012.1-2014.12.
  • Research fund for doctoral program of higher education of China (20110072120013), Dynamic pricing problems in the presence of inertial consumers 2012.1-2013.12.
  • Shanghai philosophical and social science program (2011EGL004), Research on dynamic pricing strategies under complicated consumer behaviors 2012.1-2013.12.
  • Shanghai Pujiang Program, Dynamic pricing in the presence of hyperbolic-discounting consumers in the online retailing environment 2011.10-2013.9.

Selected Publications  

  • Xiangyong Li, Kai Wei, Zhaoxia Guo, Wei Wang, Y.P. Aneja. 2021. An Exact Approach for the Service Network Design Problem with Heterogeneous Resource Constraints. OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science, 102 102376. (Test Instances)
  • Dapei Jiang, Xiangyong Li*. 2021. Order Fulfillment Problem with Time Windows and Synchronization Arising in the Online Retailing. International Journal of Production Research, 59(4)1187-1215.
  • Xiangyong Li*, Y.P. Aneja. 2020.  A New Branch-and-Cut Approach for the Generalized Regenerator Location Problem. Annals of Operations Research, 295 229-255.
  • Jiaqing Qiu, Xiangyong Li*, Yongrui Duan, Mengxi Chen, Peng Tian. 2020.  Dynamic Assortment in the Presence of Brand Heterogeneity. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 56 102152.
  • Xiangyong Li, Yi Ding, Kai Pan, Dapei Jiang, Y.P. Aneja. 2020. Single-path Service Network Design Problem with Resource Constraints. Transportation Research Part E, 140 101945.
  • Xiangyong Li, Y.P. Aneja. 2020. A Branch-and-Benders-Cut Approach for the Fault Tolerant Regenerator Location Problem. Computers and Operations Research, 115 104847.
  • Xiangyong Li, Jieqi Li, Y.P. Aneja, Zhaoxia Guo, Peng Tian. 2019. Integrated Order Allocation and Order Routing Problem for e-Order Fulfillment. IISE Transactions, 51 1128-1150.
  • Xiangyong Li, Lanjian Zhu, Fazle Baki, A.B. Chaouch. 2018. Tabu Search and Iterated Local Search for the Cyclic Bottleneck Assignment Problem. Computers and Operations Research, 96 120-130.
  • Xiangyong Li, Chongfang Yue, Y. Aneja, Si Chen, Youzhi Cui. 2018. An Iterated Heuristic for the Regenerator Location Problem. Applied Soft Computing,70 182-194. 
  • Xiangyong Li, Y. Aneja. 2017. Regenerator location problem: Polyhedral study and effective branch-and-cut algorithms. European Journal of Operational Research, 257(1) 25-40.
  • Xiangyong Li, Kai Wei, Y. Aneja, P. Tian. 2017. Design-balanced capacitated multicommodity network design with heterogeneous assets. OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science, 67(3)145-159.
  • Xiangyong Li, Kai Wei, Y. Aneja, P. Tian, Youzhi Cui. 2017. Matheuristics for the single-path design-balanced service network design problem. Computers and Operations Research, 77(1) 141-153.
  • Xiangyong Li, Shaochong Lin, P. Tian, Y. Aneja. 2017. Models and column generation approach for the resource-constrained minimum cost path problem with relays. OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science, 66(1) 79-90.
  • Xiangyong Li, Shaochong Lin, Si Chen, Y.P. Aneja, Peng Tian, Youzhi Cui. 2017. An iterated metaheuristic for the directed network design problem with relays. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 113, 35-45.
  • Li, X., N. Rafaliya, M. F. Baki, B. A. Chaouch. 2017. Scheduling Elective Surgeries: The Tradeoff among Bed Capacity, Waiting Patients and Operating Room Utilization Using Goal Programming[J]. Health Care Management Science, 20(1): 33-54
  • Li, X. Y., F. Baki, P. Tian, B. A. Chaouch. 2014. A Robust Block-Chain Based Tabu Search Algorithm for the Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem with Product Returns and Remanufacturing. Omega-International Journal of Management Science 42(1) 75-87.
  • Xiangyong Li*, Y.P. Aneja. 2012. A branch-and-cut approach for the minimum energy broadcasting problem in wireless networks. INFORMS Journal on Computing 24 (3) 443-456.
  • Xiangyong Li*, Y.P. Aneja, Jiazhen Huo. 2012 Using branch-and-price approach to solve the directed network design problem with relays. OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science 40(5) 672-679.
  • Xiangyong Li, SCH Leung, Peng Tian. 2012. A multistart adaptive memory-based tabu search algorithm for the heterogeneous fixed fleet open vehicle routing problem. Expert Systems with Applications 39(1) 365-374.
  • Xiangyong Li*, Y.P. Aneja, Jiazhen Huo. 2012. A robust branch-and-cut approach for the minimum-energy symmetric network connectivity problem. OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science 40(2)210-217.
  • Editorial board member, International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics
  • Member of Operations Research Society of China
  • Member of China Society of Logistics
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