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Zhang Xiaoning
Zhang Xiaoning


Department: Management Science and Engineering




  • 2000--2003: Ph.D. from Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology
  • 1997--2000: Master of Engineering, TongjiUniversity
  • 1993--1997: Bachelor of Engineering, TongjiUniversity

Teaching Positions

  • 2005--2011: School of Transportation Engineering, TongjiUniversity
  • 2011--Now: School of Economics and Management, TongjiUniversity

International Experience

  • Twenty--sixth,Oct..,2014South Korea, Korea university civil environment and construction engineering college to attend the meeting,for five days.
  • Jul.,2007--Aug.,2007: Visiting scholar in Ministry of Transportation in Netherland
  • Oct.,2005--Apr.,2006, Visiting scholar in UC Davis


  • Transportation System Optimization and Management
  • Logistics


  • Econometrics


Sponsored Research Projects

  • Operational management of comprehensive transportation system. The national natural science foundation of China, 2021-2025.
  • Management of traffic emergency in metropolitan areas. The national natural science foundation of China, 2019-2023.
  • Operational management of shared logistics, Shanghai commission of science and technology, 2019-2021.
  • Urban traffic induction mechanism and key technology,Shanghai education committee. 15th,Jul.,2014-15th,Oct.,2014.
  • Private road management study on " private and public"mixed traffic network,The national natural science foundation ,26th,Apr.,2013-29th,May,2014.
  • Optimization and management of transportation system, The national natural science fundation,22th,Dec.,2011-19th,May,2014.
  • Shenzhen international low-carbon city comprehensive traffic planning — bus stations in international low carbon city development zone based on the concept of TOD,Shenzhen city planning design and research institute co., LTD,2013.06.27-2014.07.03
  • Transportation system optimization and management, Project leader, China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientist, Jan.,2012.-Dec.,2015.
  • Private roads in mixed private-public networks, The International Joint Research Program in National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jan.,2013-Dec.,2016.
  • Theory of modern logistics system oriented to sustainable development, Project leader, the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Jan.,2012-Dec.,2014.
  • Research about parking management in big cities, Project Leader, Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan, Jan.,2011-Dec.,2013.
  • Research about unbalanced traffic behavior evolution and intervention countermeasures, Project Leader, The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jan.,2009-Dec.,2011.
  • Inverse calculation of OD matrix about dynamic transportation, Project Leader, ”Phosphorus" talent foundation project of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Jul.,2009-Jun.,2011.
  • New traffic assignment methods based on traffic behavior and empirical researches, Project Leader, The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jan.,2005-Dec.,2007.
  • Traffic Incident Duration Estimation in Shanghai Expressway System, Project Leader, Project from Ministry of Transportation in Netherland (International Joint Research), Jun.,2006-Dec.,2007

Selected Publications


  • Zheng Yu*, Zhang Xiaoning*, Liang Zhe. Multimodal Subsidy Design for Capacity Flexibility Optimization. Transportation Research Part A. Vol.‏ 140, pp‏ 16-35,‏ OCT 2020.
  • Wang, Jing; Wang, Hua; Zhang, Xiaoning*. A hybrid management scheme with parking pricing and parking permit for a many-to-one park and ride network. Transportation Research C, Vol.‏ 112, pp‏ 153-179, ‏ Mar 2020.
  • Wang, Hua; Meng, Qiang; Zhang, Xiaoning, Multiple equilibrium behaviors of auto travellers and a freight carrier under the cordon-based large-truck restriction regulation, Transportation Research E, Vol 134,‏ Feb 2020.
  • Wang, Jing; Zhang, Xiaoning*; Wang, Hua; HM Zhang, Optimal parking supply in bi-modal transportation network considering transit scale economies. Transportation Research E, Vol‏ 130, pp‏ 207-229,‏ Oct 2019.
  • Jing Wang*, Xiaoning Zhang*, H.M. Zhang, Parking permits management and optimal parking supply considering traffic emission cost, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2018. 60: 92-103.
  • Hua Wang; Xinchang Wang; Xiaoning Zhang* Dynamic resource allocation for intermodal freight transportation with network effects: Approximations and algorithms, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2017, 99: 83-112.
  • Wang, Hua; Zhang, Xiaoning* Joint implementation of tradable credit and road pricing in public-private partnership networks considering mixed equilibrium behaviors, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2016, 94: 158-170.
  • Hua Wang, William H.K. Lam, Xiaoning Zhang*, Hu Shao. Sustainable transportation network design with stochastic demands and chance constraints. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 9(2): 126-144, 2015.
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