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GUAN Xianjun
GUAN Xianjun

Associate Professor

Department: Construction Management and Real Estate


  •    2003.3-2005.9: Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, Tongji University
  •    2000.3-2003.3: Master in Structural Engineering, Tongji University
  •    1990.9-1995.7: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Construction University

Teaching Positions

  •    2006-Now: School of Economics & Management, Tongji University

International Experience

  •    2011.1-2012.1:East Carolina University, Visiting Scholar


  • Engineering Management
  • Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Management


  •   Engineering Management
  •   Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Management


  • Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education. Adaptability measurement and optimization of emergency organizations to rescue task based on resilient city construction. 2020.1-2023.1. (20YJA630021). Principle Investigator.
  • The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities. Research on improvement of early warning and emergency management mechanism of major public health emergencies. 2020.2-2020.3. Principle Investigator.
  • The National Social Science Fund of China. The influence mechanism of population migration on urban entrepreneurship research (19BGL047).2019.1—2021.12. Major participant.
  • Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Management Commission. Shanghai Construction and Management (2016-2020) long-term development plan research - improving enterprise’s construction safety responsibility system (2016). Principle Investigator.
  • Key projects of Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Management Commission. Supervision of the construction site online (2016). Principle Investigator.
  • Key projects of Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Management Commission. The long-term research and development plan of Shanghai Construction Quality and Safety (2016-2020). Principle Investigator.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education. Simulation of self-organizing behavior in emergency evacuation of dense communities and evaluation of the goodness of evacuation system (14YJA630061). 2014-2016. Major participant.
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China. Robust optimization for large-scale emergency relief resources distribution location: cases study of earthquake emergency relief. 2013.1.1-2016.12.31, (71272047). Principle Investigator.
  • Shanghai Pujiang Program. The uncertainty of earthquake disaster emergency rescue resources in large-scale research and application of the method to optimize the layout (13PJC100). 2013-2015. Principle Investigator.
  • The development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. The establishment of mechanism and policy about shanghai urban safe operation. 2013—2014. Principle Investigator.
  • Soft Science Research Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Development Fund (12692100200). The integration of industry and city in Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone -- influencing factors, path choice and measures research. 2012. Major participant.
  • Key topic of Shanghai Government Decision-Making Consultation Research(2011-A-22). Application of relevant policies in Zhangjiang Innovation Demonstration Zone. 2011. Major participant.
  • Soft Science Research Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Development Fund(10692100500):New model of integrated development of innovation function industrial function and urban function in high-tech zone research. 2010. Major participant.
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Topic: Policies and measures of disaster prevention and mitigation planning for urban and rural construction research. 2008.10. Principle Investigator.
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Topic: Comprehensive research on theory and method of dangerous house appraisal in villages and towns. Contract: Jiancun [2009] No. 04.2008.12. Major participant.
  • Ministry of Construction. Topic: Urban disaster management system, mechanism and legal system Research. 2006.9. Major participant.


  • Xianjun Guan(#)(*), Fei Bi, Min Liu, Huayou Chen, Ligang Zhou. Study on location allocation of earthquake emergency service depot based on hybrid multi-attribute decision-making. Natural Hazards[J].2018.1. 90(1):337~348. (SCI)
  • Xianjun Guan(#)(*),Li Qian, Mengxin Li, Huayou Chen, Ligang Zhou. Earthquake relief emergency logistics capacity evaluation model integrating cloud generalized information aggregation operators. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems[J].2017.2.15, 32(3): 2281~2294. (SCI)
  • Zhizong Chen(#), Xianjun Guan, Hub set-covering model and hub maximal coverage model for disaster emergency response. Operations Research and Management Science [J], 2016.10.25, (05): 15~20.
  • Xianjun Guan(#)(*), Chunjing Ge, Xia Wang, George Wang, Models and Algorithms of hub & spoke locations for emergency service facilities in response to serious emergency incident [J], Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 2013.5.4, 19(2):553~565. (SCI)
  • Mi Li, Xia Wang, Xianjun Guan. Model of emergency evacuation in large-scale emergency based on hub &spoke networks. Journal of Convergence Information Technology[J].2012, 7(4): 9~16. (SCI)
  • Chunjing Ge, Xia Wang, Xianjun Guan,Multiple coverage of major emergencies, emergency facilities location model and algorithm,Operations Research and Management Science 2011,20(5):50-56. In Chinese. (CSSCI, NSFC Journal)
  • Mi Li, Xia Wang, Xianjun Guan. Non-warning emergencies under the District Emergency traffic assignment models and examples, Soft, 2011,25(3):121-125. In Chinese. (CSSCI, NSFC Journal)
  • Chunjing Ge, Xia Wang, Xianjun Guan. Emergency services facilities axis convergent network layout of the λ-robust optimization. Industrial Engineering and Management.2010,15(6): 45-50, 57. In Chinese. (CSSCI, NSFC Journal)
  • Xianjun Guan, Haiyi Chen, Jianxin You. Research on the Working Mechanism of Disaster Prevention and Reduction in Urban Communities, China Safety Science Journal[J],2008.11.30, (11): 14~19177. In Chinese. (CSSCI)
  • Xianjun Guan, Han Zhou, Ligang Zhou, Huayou Chen. A Pythagorean fuzzy multiple attribute group decision-making method based on Shapley value and its application. Operations Research and Management Science [J]. Accepted. (CSSCI, NSFC Journal)


  • Xianjun Guan, Xia Wang, Chunjing Ge. The theory and application of the layout optimization of emergency facilities for major emergencies based on the hub and spoke network [M]. Tongji University Press. 2020.


  • Editor, China Engineering Construction Association Standard. Standard for control and assessment of safety risk of construction for super high-rise building(T/CECS 671-2020).
  • Chief Editor, Shanghai Standard. Technical Standard for application of video surveillance system on construction site, 2020.
  • Editor, National Standard. Technical standard for information system of construction site supervision and management (JGJ/T434-2018).
  • Editor, National Standard. Standard for fatalness evaluation of rural area building (JGJT363-2014).


  • Participated in the construction of “Urban Disaster Prevention and Relief Decision Support System”, a sub-system of “Urban Disaster prevention and relief Decision Support System” of the national “985” Phase ii “Urban Disaster Prevention and Relief Laboratory” (with an investment of 150 million RMB).
  • Reviewers included International Journal of Production Economics, Natural Hazards, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, System Engineering Journal, Civil Engineering and Management Journal, etc.


  • He has taken the lead in completing hundreds of engineering inspection, design and construction projects, as well as several consulting projects. He has rich experience in engineering practice and has a deep understanding of civil engineering inspection, design, construction and consultation.
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