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LI Defu
LI Defu

Associate Professor

Department: Economics and Finance



·     2006: Ph.D., Economics, Nankai University

·     2003: Master, Economics, Nankai University

Teaching Positions

  • Sep. 2016-Now:Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  • Sep. 2015-Aug. 2016:visiting scholar (Invited by Oded Galor), Department of economics, Brown University
  • Dec. 2010-Aug. 2015:Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  • Jul. 2006-Dec. 2010: Lecturer, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University


  • Macroeconomics and Regional Economics


  • Macroeconomics and Regional Economics

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Research on the Determinant Mechanism and Regulation Policies of the Direction of Technological Progress under the Dual Constraints of Environmental Governance and Economic Development,The National Natural Science Foundation of China,Jan. 2018-Dec. 2021.
  • Selection of the Direction of Technical Change During the Period of Economic Development, National Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation, Sept. 2010-Dec. 2013
  • The Main Factors that Impact on China’s Economic Growth Pattern in the Dual Transitions: Empirics on Provincial Panel Data, Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation of Shanghai, Nov. 2008-Nov. 2014

Selected Publications


  • Defu Li and Benjamin Bental, (2019), “A Generalized Growth Model and the Direction of Technological Progress”,
  • Defu Li and Benjamin Bental, (2017), “What Determines the Direction of Technological”, Social Science Electronic Publishing.
  • Defu Li, (2016) “A Proof of the Invalidity of Proposition 15.12 in Acemoglu(2009)”,
  • Defu Li and Jiuli Huang, (2016) ''A variant of Uzawa's steady-state theorem in a Malthusian model'', Economics Bulletin, Volume 36, Issue 3, pages 1371-1375.
  • TANG Xuemei, LIN Shan-lang, LI Defu. Transformation of Economic growth Mode in the Development Process of Labor-surplus Economy, Shanghai Journal of Economics, 2014, No.5: 12-19
  • LI Defu, TANG Xuemei. Economic Volatility with Unlimited Labor Supply in China. China Economic Quarterly, 2013, No.3:824-846.
  • LI Defu, Jiuli Huang. Can the Steady- State Path of Neoclassical Growth Model Embrace Capital- Augmenting Technological Progress? South China Journal of Economics, 2012 No.10: 43-50.
  • LI Defu, HUANG Jiuli. Neoclassical Growth Models: A Reformulation, Nankai Economic Studies, 2007 No.4
  • LI Defu, CHEN Zongsheng,“Has There been Rapid Productivity Growth in China During Its Reform Period ?”,China Economic Quarterly, Vol. 6,No.1(2006).
  • LI Defu,“Phillips curve and Okun's law under dual economy in China”,World Economy,2005,8.
  • CHEN Zongsheng,LI Defu,“A Growth Model of Dual Economy with Endogenous Agricultural Technology Progress—The Re-Analysis of ‘East Asian Miracle’ and Chinese Economy”,Economic Research Journal (Jing Ji Yan Jiu), 2004, No.11.

·     The Second Prizes Award for Excellent Achievement in Social Science, the Eleventh (2008), Tianjin, China

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