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Kenneth A. Kim
Kenneth A. Kim


Department: Economics and Finance

+86 21 65988455

  • 1992.9-1997.5, PhD in Finance,College of Business, University of Rhode Island
  • 1990.9-1992.6, MBA, School of Business, University of Detroit
  • 1986.9-1990.5, BA in Economics, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Primary Academic Work Experience

  • 2015.9---present, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, Professor
  • 2011.9---2015.9 , School of Business, Renmin University of China, Professor
  • 2002.9---2011.9, School of Management, State University of New York at Buffalo, Associate Professor (2007.9-2011.9), Assistant Professor (2002.9-2007.9)
  • 1997.9---2002.9, School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Assistant Professor

Overseas Industry Experience

  • 2006---present, EQIS Capital, Chief Financial Strategist (2014.3-present), Business & Investment Advisory Board Member   (2006-2014)
  • 2015.9---present,, Contributor (bi-weekly)
  • 2006---2009, Securities Litigation& Consulting Group, Special Consultant
  • 2005---2006, Nexus Advisors, Consultant
  • 2003---2004, CFA Institute (formerly AIMR), Consultant
  • 2002.5, South East Asian Central Bank, Consultant
  • 2001---2004, Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Academic Consultant
  • 2002---2002, University of Wisconsin Credit Union, Director
  • 1998.6---1999.6, Office of Economic Analysis, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, Senior Financial Economist
  • 1992---1995, Pacific–Basin Capital Markets (PACAP) Research Center, Coordinator and Research Assistant

Academic Directorships

  • 2012---2015, Korean-American Finance Association (KAFA), Director
  • 2009---2012, Eastern Finance Association (EFA), Director

Other Academic Appointments

  • 2011.4, School of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Corporate Law Scholars Interest Group (CoSIG) Visiting Scholar
  • 2009.1---2009.5, School of Business, Wayne State University, Visiting Associate Professor
  • 2007.1---2007.5, School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • 2002.7, Center for International Research on Japanese Economy (CIRJE), University of Tokyo, Visiting Scholar
  • 2002.6, School of Accountancy, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Visiting Scholar
  • 2015.9---2015.12, Case Western Reserve University, Adjunct
  • 2006---2013, Singapore Institute of Management, Adjunct
  • 2013.3, Shanghai Jiaotong University (SAIF), Adjunct
  • 2011.7, 2010.7, Shanghai Jiaotong University (Antai), Adjunct
  • 2009.5, Renmin University, Adjunct
  • 2009.5, Nanjing University, Adjunct
  • 2002.4, University of Santa Maria, Ecuador, Adjunct
  • 2001.6, Asian University of Science & Technology, Thailand, Adjunct
  • 2000.6, Yonsei University, Korea, Adjunct
  • 1998.9---1998.12, Georgetown University, Adjunct
  • 1994---1996, University of Rhode Island, Lecturer

Research and Teaching Field

  • Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, Behavioral Finance, International Finance, China

Research Papers

  • “Corporate governance in China:  A survey,” 2020, with F. Jiang, Review of Finance, forthcoming.
  • “Corporate finance, financial institutions, and financial markets in China,” 2019, with F. Jiang and Z. Jiang, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.
  • “Corporate culture and investment-cash flow sensitivity,” 2019, with F. Jiang, Y. Ma, J. Nofsinger, and B. Shi, Journal of Business Ethics 154, 425-439.
  • “Bank competition and leverage adjustments,” 2017, with F. Jiang, Z. Jiang, J. Huang, and J.R. Nofsinger, Financial Management 46, 995-1022.
  • “A pecking order of shareholder structure,” 2017, with F. Jiang, J.R. Nofsinger, and B. Zhu, Journal of Corporate Finance 44, 1-14.
  • “Product market competition and corporate investment,” 2015, with F. Jiang, J.R. Nofsinger, and B. Zhu, Journal of Corporate Finance 35, 196-210.
  •  “Family-firms risk-taking: Does religion matter?” 2015, with F. Jiang, Z. Jiang, and M. Zhang, Journal of Corporate Finance 33, 260-278.
  • “Corporate governance in China: A modern perspective,” 2015, with F. Jiang, Journal of Corporate Finance 32, 190-216.
  • “The effects of corporate bailout on firm performance: International evidence,” 2014, with Z. Jiang and H. Zhang, Journal of Banking and Finance 43, 78-96.
  • “Share repurchases, catering, and dividend substitution,” 2013, with Z. Jiang, E. Lie, and S. Yang, Journal of Corporate Finance 21, 36-50.
  • “Reevaluating price limit effectiveness,” 2013, with H. Liu and J.J. Yang, Journal of Financial Research 36, 493-518.
  • “Financial management in China,” 2013, with Z. Jiang, Journal of Multinational Financial Management 23, 125-133.
  • “Appointments of outsiders as CEOs, state-owned enterprises, and firm performance: Evidence from China,” 2013, with F. Jiang and J. Huang, Pacific–Basin Finance Journal 23, 49-64.
  • “The effects of bank relations on stock repurchase decisions: Evidence from Japan,” 2011, with J-K Kang, P. Kitsabunnarat, and T. Nishikawa, Journal of Financial Intermediation 20, 94-116.
  •  “Reaching for the stars: The appointments of celebrities to corporate boards,” 2011, with S.P. Ferris, T. Nishikawa, and E. Unlu, International Review of Economics 58, 337-358.
  •  “Why do price limits exist in stock markets? A manipulation–based explanation,” 2010, with J. Park, European Financial Management 16, 296-318.
  • “On the predictability of Chinese stock returns,” 2010, with X. Chen, T. Yao, and T. Yu, Pacific–Basin Finance Journal 18, 403-425.
  •  “On the relation between intellectual collaboration and intellectual output: Evidence from the finance academe,” 2009, with K.H. Chung and R.A.K. Cox, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 49, 893-916.
  •  “The effect of cross-listing on corporate governance: A review of the international evidence,” 2009, with S.P. Ferris and G. Noronha, Corporate Governance: An International Review 17, 338-352.
  • “A test of the representativeness bias effect on stock prices: A study of Super Bowl commercial likeability,” 2009, with C. Chang and J. Jiang, Economics Letters 103, 49-51.
  • “Behavioral finance in Asia,” 2008, with J.R. Nofsinger, Pacific–Basin Finance Journal 16, 1-7.
  • “Large shareholders, board independence, and minority shareholder rights: Evidence from Europe,” 2007, with P. Kitsabunnarat and J.R. NofsingerJournal of Corporate Finance 13, 859-880.
  • “Behavior of Japanese individual investors during bull and bear markets,” 2007, with J.R. NofsingerJournal of Behavioral Finance 8, 138-153.
  • “Large shareholder monitoring and regulation: The Japanese banking experience,” 2007, with S-H Lee and S.G. Rhee, Journal of Economics and Business 59, 466-486.
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  • “Liquidity and quote clustering in a market with multiple tick sizes,” 2005, K.H. Chung and P. KitsabunnaratJournal of Financial Research 28, 177–195.
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  • “Institutional herding, business groups, and economic regimes: Evidence from Japan,” 2005, with J.R. NofsingerJournal of Business 78, 213–242.
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  • “The effect of economic regimes on the relation between the term structure and real activity in Japan,” 1997, with P. Limpaphayom, Journal of Economics and Business 49, 379–392.  
  • “Price limit performance: Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange,” 1997, with S.G. Rhee, Journal of Finance 52, 885–901.


  • Corporate Governance, Western Theory and China Practice, Jiang Fuxiu,Kenneth A. Kim,Wang Yuntong, Peking University Press, 2016.

Editorial Appointments

  • 2015---present, Journal of Financial Research, Associate Editor
  • 2015---present, Finance Research Letters, Associate Editor
  • 2015---present, Journal of Corporate Finance, Associate Editor
  • 2013---present, Frontiers of Business Research in China, Editorial Board Member
  • 2013---present, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, Editorial Board Member
  • 2003---present, Sasin Journal of Management, Editorial Board Member
  • 2010---2014, North Korean Review, Editorial Board Member
  • 2000---2009, Multinational Business Review, Editorial Board Member
  • 2004---2007, Journal of International Business Studies, Editorial Board Member
  • 2013---2014, Journal of Corporate Finance, Co-Editor of Special Issue on Corporate Governance in China
  • 2012---2013, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Co-Editor of Special Issue on Financial Management in China
  • 2005---2007, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Co–Editor of Special Issue on Behavioral Finance in Asia
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