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SUN Yong
SUN Yong

Associate Professor

Department: Public Administration



  • 2000-2003: Ph.D., Fudan University
  • 1993-1996: Fudan University graduate
  • 1989-1993: Harbin Ship Engineering College

Teaching Positions

  • July, 1996 till now: Tongji University


  • Public management
  • Public policy analysis
  • Macroeconomic policy


  • Public policy analysis


Sponsored Research Projects

  • Participating the project of Study on urban employment of migrant workers shortage of migrant workers from the perspective of behavior and its governance mode based on sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund,2012-2015
  • Participating the project of Study on the transfer of the internal mechanism and long term mechanism of rural labor force in China sponsored by the Ministry of Education,2010-2013
  • Zhangjiagang city personnel and Social Security Management Bureau “The dynamic monitoring and early-warning mechanism the employment of enterprises ” 2012.7
  • Wenzhou city personnel and Social Security Management Bureau “Research on the Influence factors of Entrepreneurial City”   2012.3
  • Wenzhou city Ouhai metro construction headquarters" Metro Ouhai center city development strategy research"

Selected Publications


  • From the economics theory assumes that changes in the development of Western Economics (in Chinese)
  • From the ' free world ' to ' full world ' -- Reflections on the hypothesis of circular economy theory (in Chinese)
  • The greater economy and better economy -- on macro economic limit dimensions discuss (in Chinese)
  • Theory and practice of circular economy (in Chinese)
  • Circular economy and the function of economy (in Chinese)