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2 Years,Full-time
September every year
Gain practical sense of doing business in China, Exposure to Real-life Business
Access to over 10 Dual-degree programs + Over 70 Semester Exchange opportunities
Upon completion of all the degree requirements for the MGM study at Tongji, the students will be conferred Master of Management Science Degree and a Graduation Certificate from Tongji University

Graduate in 2012
in Asia-Pacific Region
Nine years ago when I was 23 years old with my recent Bachelor degree from a French Business School, I made one of the most important decision in my life: move to Shanghai. So far, it has been the best! Shanghai is the most dynamic city in the world and Tongji-SEM is one of the sources of this dynamism. During my two-year program, I learnt more than the rest of my student life. Tongji-SEM provided me with the best experience I have ever had. It helped me see a different way of thinking and open my mind. More than that, it taught me how to be able to adapt to any situation and gave me the keys to prepare myself to the business world. I couldn’t be more grateful for this unique opportunity to learn and grow in such a multicultural and stimulating community where I built life-long friendship with great classmates from all over the world: China, Europe, Middle East, America and etc. Following my 18 months of courses, I did an internship at the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China. Since I was a student from Tongji-SEM, they recruited me as an intern without any hesitation. After seven years of working there, I have grown from an intern to the Deputy General Manager for China: number two in the company, managing 40 people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Thanks to my experience at Tongji-SEM, I am leading a company now, ranging from business development to global management, involving all departments and making decision on marketing, strategy, budgets, and human resources etc. I always have a strong feeling that whenever I go back to Tongji, I will recall those amazing years I spent at SEM. Those memory are a part of me now and I will never forget them. They make me what I am today, and I am proud of what I have become thanks to this program and the experiences I had.

Eddie Yang
Graduate in 2019
Product Line Manager
Kollmorgen, Germany
I dream to be an international business leader. The programme enables me to be prepared for embracing a line up of challenges of doing business in China and cross border. There are a wealth of opportunities offered by Tongji-SEM: A second degree from renowned international business school, international study trips, participating in business competitions and cross-cultural activities, engaging with real challenges in China-based companies… What impressed me most about the programme was its international exposure and diversified community. Each student had a particular focus, including finance, marketing, HR management, etc. I would easily find a classmate to turn to for any business issue I encountered during study. Scattered in different region of China and the world, these classmates have also formed a strong network, which is helpful for my work as a management consultant and an entrepreneur.
Remarks: Please note that the above program study plan or academic arrangement is for reference only, which is subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances or program needs in every semester.
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