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LUO Jinlian
LUO Jinlian

Professor, PhD Advisor

Department: Organizational Management (Proposed)


  • 1996 – 2000, Ph. D., School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  • 1987 – 1990, Master, Hunan University
  • 1979 – 1983, Bachelor, Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Teaching Positions

  • 1990 –Now, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University

Consulting and Management Activities

  • 2009- Jun.,2011, Director of Board, Huarun Pharmaceutical Limited Company
  • 2008, Shanghai Labor Institute, Research on Government Responsibility on Enterprise Workers Wages
  • 2007, Shanghai Personnel Policy Evaluation Community, Shanghai Talents Strategy Consulting Research Subject
  • 1983 – 1987, Workshop Director, Assistant of Factory director, Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee, Hunan Zhuzhou Wood Factory
  • Training, The German Lloyd's group (DL), Shanghai Phoenix Corporation, etc.

International Experience

  • 1998, Joint research with Prof. LIANG Jue from The Hong Kong Science and Technology University on “Conflict Management Style: Accounting for Cross-National Differences, Journal of international business Studies, 29,4(Fourth Quarter 1998): 729-748
  • 1997-Jul.,1997, Chinese Management Study Seminar, Hong Kong Science and Technology University

Keynote Speeches

  • The National MBA “Organizational Behavior” innovation seminar of teaching and professional degree programs, Special report. Date: 11 Dec.-12 Dec.,2011. Location: Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Hangzhou.
  • The national MBA “Organizational Behavior" & "Entrepreneurship" teaching seminar, special chapter of the report. Date: 23 Oct.-24 Oct., 2010. Location: Chengdu Electronic and Science University, Sichuan Province
  • The tenth session of “National Human Resources Management” courses teaching seminar, specially invited report to the general assembly. Date: 25 Oct., 2009. Location: School of Business in Nanjing University


  • Executive Director of National Talented Specialty Committee, Chinese Talents Society.


  • Human Resource Management


  • Human Resource Management

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Combination of authorized and command leadership strategy has stage effect to the team innovation: single or dual? National Natural Science Foundation, Jan.,2015-Dec.,2018
  • Key scientific & technological research project of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research, Chinese Ministry of Education. “A Study on the Growth Theory and development strategies of high-level female talents”. Jan.,2011
  • Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone innovative talent identification, policy configuration, and growth tracking system solutions. Ningbo Municipal Personnel Bureau. Nov.,2010-Jun.,2011
  • National Natural Science Foundation, “A Study on the multi-stage cycle evolution mechanism of social networks and team creativity”. Jan.,2011-Dec.,2013
  • The Strategic Research on Construction and Development in Shanghai Yangpu Innovative City – Human Resource, Supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.Jan.,2010-Dec.,2011

Selected Publications

  • Huo Weiwei, Luo Jinlian. Idiosyncratic Deals in China: Visibility Matters and Good Citizens from Two Different Perspectives, the International Journal of Human Resource Management.
  • Luo Jinlian, Men Chenghao, Zhong Jing, Gu Yuting. Study on the influence mechanism of knowledge spillover in Universities to the innovation performance on the surrounding enterprise, Science and technology progress and policy, 10:138-142. (CSSCI) , 2014
  • Luo Jinlian, Zhao Jia, Xue Qianwen, Zhong Jing. Social networks and leadership style led by the Team have an effect on the team creativity - a case study from Shanghai Volkswagen, East China Economic Management, 28(7):162-166 (CSSCI) , Jul.,2014
  • Wang Yanzi, Luo JinLian, Chang Tao.The study of effects of Leader Exchange and Perceived Innovation Support on the Employee Innovative Behavior: the mediating effect of intrinsic motivation, Shanghai Management Science, 36(3): 88-91Li Xianmiao, Luo Jinlian, Huo Weiwei, Hua Changhua. Advanced psychological female business leaders: a case study of the occupation dilemma and breakthrough of mechanism, China Human Resource Development, Jul.,2014, n13, pp56-64. , Mar.,2014 (CSSCI)
  • Luo Jinlian, Wang Yanzi, Chang Tao. Research on the effect mechanism of social networks led by the Team ties on the team creativity, Science of Science and Management of S.& T, , 35(8):144-151 (CSSCI) May.,2014
  • China Human Resources Annual Award for Outstanding Human Resources Education Excellence Award. 2004. Asia-Pacific Human Resources research association.Shanghai Science and Technology. 1997. Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.Luo Jinlian, Li Xianmiao. Research on the Self-efficacy and Occupation Growth Tracking of Female Leader in Enterprise under Occupation Role Identity Driving, The 2013 Annual Shanghai City Women's Federation of Women's and Children's Theoretical Study of Outstanding Achievement Award First Prize. Feb.,2014
  • Xue Jingwen, Luo Jinlian, Zhong Jing. Model of the Team Leading Social Network have an effect on Team Creativity – Take Mitsubishi Motor as Example, Two prize of excellent thesis in the 2nd China Rencai Development Forum, Jun.,2012.
  • Luo Jinlian, Zhong Jing. Model of Construction of Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone Innovative Talent and Study on the Path of Practice, Won research achievement first prize of the Ningbo Personnel Bureau in 2009
  • The 6th Shanghai Science and Technology Education System “Model Teacher Partner” in 2008. Shanghai Municipal Education Union.
  • Shanghai “Outstanding Young Teachers”. 1999. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.
  • “Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone Innovative Talent Identification, Policy Configuration, and Growth Tracking System Solutions”. Won research achievement first prize of the Ningbo Personnel Bureau in 2002.