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YANG Weidong
YANG Weidong

Senior Engineer (Professor)

Position: General Manage, Shanghai TongJi Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Department: Construction Management and Real Estate




  • 2006.04-2008.04:China Europe International Business School, EMBA, Master of Business
  • 1989.09-1992.03:College of Civil Engineering, TongJi University, Foundation Treatment, Master of Engineering
  • 1985.09-1989.07:College of Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering


  • 2010.3-Now: General Manager of Shanghai TongJi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • 2009.4-Now: General Manager of Shanghai TongJi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Chairman of Shanghai Tian You Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd.
  • 2006.8-2009.4: Director & General Manager of Shanghai TongJi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. General Manager of Shanghai TongJi Engineering Project Management & Consulting Co.,Ltd. Chairman of Shanghai TianYou Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Teaching Positions

  • 2008.7-Now: School of Economics and Management, Tongji University,Postgraduate Tutor

International Experience

  • 2013.08-2013.10: Visit the Swedish Federation of Building.
  • 2013.02: Visit the AACE International.
  • 2010.07-09: Short term exchange learning to America.
  • 2006.02: Visit the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


  • Engineering Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Project Planning &Consulting
  • Large Construction Project Organization & Management
  • Engineering Management Informatization
  • Enterprise Management Consulting


Sponsored Research Projects

  • “Study on the Influence and Countermeasures of the Reform of the Administrative System for the Development of Supervision Industry”, The Department of housing Project, 2014.
  • “The Establishment of Professionals System and Credit System of Construction Engineering Design Field”, Design Document Review Affairs Center of Construction Project, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 2014.
  • “Building Engineering Courseware Revision of Registered Supervision Engineers Continuing Professional Education”, China Association of Engineering Consultants Project, 2014.
  • “Study on the Reform of Construction Division System”, The Department of housing Project, 2013.

Selected Publications


  • Weidong Yang, HaixingFei, AnqiNiu, XiaoleiLv,.Study on Problems and Countermeasures of the Application of Project Information Portal[J]. Engineering Construction and Design,2014,02:54-59.
  • Weidong Yang, Haixing Fei, Anqi Niu, Xiaolei Lv,. Organization Information Transmission Gray GERT Network Model and Its Application. Shanghai Management Science, 2014,02:54-59.
  • Weidong Yang, Xiaolei Lv, Haixing Fei, Anqi Niu. Study on the Control of Large Construction Engineering Entity Interface [J]. Project Management Technology, 2013,12:72-75.
  • YongjieAo, Weidong. Risk Analysis and Control Strategy of Contract Energy Management Project [J]. ChinaEngineering Consulting, 2011,10:44-47.
  • Xianqiang Zheng, Weidong Yang. Research on Knowledge Management and Its Application in Supervision Enterprises [J]. Journal of Engineering Management, 2010,01:102-106.