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Doctor of Applied Economics

Applied Economics

The doctoral degree program of Applied Economics (a first-level discipline) was established in 2010. For over a decade, by combining the cross-disciplinary characteristics of Tongji University with the geographic strengths and resource advantages of Shanghai international financial center, Applied Economics has gradually formed four major advantageous fields of research directions: the first one is oriented to the research of financial markets and financial risks, which confronts the financial markets in China and the construction of Shanghai international financial center and focuses on modern financial market theory, portfolio theory and strategy as well as financial risk analysis and pricing; the second one is oriented to the study on the optimization of urban industrial structure and urban planning of the urban industrial economy in China, which focuses on the industrial structure layout of cities and urban agglomerations, puts forward the principle of the joint planning for industry and space, and continuously refines its theoretical system; the third one is oriented to the research on the hot spot of new economic development and the study of sustainable development economics via the perspective of steady-state economics; the fourth one is oriented to the study on urban and regional economic development, which concentrates on the model of dualistic structure transition, the theory of flexible city as well as the theory and its application of “core-edge”, providing theoretical support to the economic restructuring and regional economic reforming. Therefore, these four research directions have become the important platforms for scientific research, intellectual cultivation as well as policy consultation nationwide.