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GONG Tianyu
GONG Tianyu

Assistant Professor, Innovation and Strategy

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My research interests include two areas. The first one is about how firms respond to institutional transitions in emerging economies. The second one is about how the government and its related policies influence a firm’s innovation. I intend to build on and extend the perspectives of institutional theories and resource dependence theory to explore the two areas.

  • Ph.D.     Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Strategic Management / Organizational Theory (2018)
  • M.A.      Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Strategic Management / Organizational Theory (2014)
  • M.A.      Southeast University, Technological and Economic Management (2012)
  • B.A.       Zhengzhou University, Business Administration (2009)

Aug. 2018 ~ present, Assistant Professor, Advanced Institute of Business (AIB), Tongji University

Published Papers

  • Li, Y., Wang, X., Gong, T., & Wang, H. (2022). Breaking out of the pandemic: How can firms match internal competence with external resources to shape operational resilience?. Journal of Operations Management (Online).(Four authors make equal contribution)
  • Jiang, Y., Gong, T., Cheng, W., & Zhao, Y. (2021). Repression or indulgence? Distinctive government influence on firm financial and environmental misconduct in China. Asian Business & Management (Online).
  • Gong, T., Tang, Y., & Zahra, S. (2021). How global digitalization influences the attractiveness of a firm digital name to foreign investors. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • 龚天宇、袁健红,复杂技术系统背景下技术体制新解.管理学报. 2012(06)
  • 袁健红、龚天宇、郭进芬,中小企业创新政策效应评价.东南大学学报(哲学社会科学版) . 2012(04)
  • 袁健红、龚天宇,企业知识搜寻前因和结果研究现状探析与整合框架构建.外国经济与管理 . 2011(06)
  • 龚天宇,政策性金融支持科技创新的模式研究——以国家开发银行为例.广西财经学院学报 . 2011(05)

Conference Papers

  • *Gong, T. and *Sullivan, B.N., Balancing the Power of the State and the Market: A Resource Dependence Perspective on the Role of Government Policies on Firm Innovation in China’s Transitional Economy. Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, Atlanta, 2017 (*equal contribution)
  • Gong, T. and Sullivan, B.N., Organizational Attention and the Shift of Institutional Logics for Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Firms. Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, Anaheim, 2016
  • Ge L., Gong, T. and Qian C., CEO international Experience and Firms’ Temporal Orientation during Pro-market Reform: From a Lens of Executive Job Demands. Academy of Conference Proceedings, Anaheim, 2016
  • Sullivan, B.N., and Gong, T., Organizational Search as the Conduit and CEOs as the Catalyst: the Impact of Government Policies on Firm Innovation. Academy of Management Meetings, Anaheim, 2016
  • Gong, T. and Sullivan, B.N., Differentiated Impact of Government Policies in Firm Innovation: The Mechanism of Power Imbalance. Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, Vancouver, 2015
  • Gong, T. and Yuan J., Termination of R&D Projects: Role of a Firm’s external Search and Innovation Strategy.  Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, Philadelphia, 2014

Sponsored Research Projects

  • "From Subsidy to Venture Capital: Research on the Impact of Transformation of Government Innovation Input Modes on firm Innovation", supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 10/2020~12/2022

Ad hoc conference reviewer, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Divisions of Technology and Innovation management (TIM), Organization and Management Theory (OMT), and Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) (2014-2017)

Journal Reviewer, Management and Organization Review (2017)

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