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Siemens Tech for Sustainability Campaign

Fri, Sep 30, 2022

Combating climate change and contributing to sustainability is the need of the hour; our earth needs our commitment – it is now or never. Around the globe, countries, universities, businesses, communities, and individuals are responding to this by taking ambitious steps to build a sustainable future. Collaboration among corporates, academia, startups, a new generation of sustainability thinkers, doers, and innovators is essential to make real what matters.

To address this, Siemens launches the global ‘Tech for Sustainability’ campaign 23, an open innovation ideation campaign with 8 challenges with the aim of engaging with students, researchers, startups, pioneering companies, and innovative individuals all over the world – to leverage technology to solve real-world sustainability challenges and thereby shape our future together. The grand kick-off will happen on 13th October and will be livestreamed globally.

The finalist teams will have the chance to pitch their ideas in front of Siemens experts and top management. Besides monetary prices, further follow-up of the projects within the Siemens Businesses may happen.

The 8 challenges are:

1. Financing Growth, sustainably!

2. Swarm Behavior and the Grid

3. Enable metro freight transport

4. Tokenize the energy transition

5. Detecting water leaks in Mexico

6. Re-think performance engineering for circular products

7. Eco-design for motion control systems

8. Educating for Sustainability


More information about the 8 challenges and application are to be found on the official website of the campaign::https://ecosystem.siemens.com/techforsustainability/campaign/overview


Or download the attached documents: https://fao.tongji.edu.cn/2c/08/c4111a273416/page.htm

Join the Kickoff event on 13th October and submit your idea(s) 13.10. – 24.11.2022 and register to stay informed about upcoming events, challenges news etc.

Great prizes as well as support by our Siemens experts and the opportunity to pitch in front of Siemens top management are waiting for you! Good luck!

X Thank you for your interest in Master of Global Management, Tongji University!