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Tongji SEM Welcome New International Students for Fall 2023!

Fri, Sep 08, 2023

On September 7th, 2023, the Welcome Ceremony for New International students of SEM was held successfully in Tongji Building A. It was the first offline international welcome ceremony in recent three years due to the pandemic, which marks that SEM has fully resumed offline international exchanges. In Fall semester 2023, we have welcomed 125 new international students from 46 countries, including 71 degree-seeking students and 54 non-degree exchange students.

Deputy Dean of SEM, Prof. WANG Hongwei, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the School. He firstly extended his warm welcome to the new international students, and then introduced the development history and current situation of the School, as well as the achievements of the School in internationalisation. He expressed his wish that all new international students should make the most of the advantage of the financial centre that Shanghai offers, and combine theory and practice to make their trip to China a fruitful experience; at the same time, our students should be open to the world, learn about Chinese culture, and be pioneers in the new era.

In order to let the international freshmen better know the campus life and deepen their understanding of the School, a short video of the School was palyed, offering them a true insight into Tongji’s colorful study life, excellent clubs, diverse student organisations, and pluralistic practice platforms. At the ceremony, the staff also explained the study rules and regulations, visa regulations and as well as information about the campus life and hot spots in Shanghai.

At the end of the ceremony, SEM invited Chinese student ZHANG Zixuan to perform an excerpt of Beijing Opera “The Drunkenness of the Concubine” in which the international students had a close experience of the traditional Chinese culture. SEM also invited Nia, an international student from Kazakhstan, to perform the traditional folk dance of Kazakhstan, Zhetygen.

Under the core value of “Inclusion, Innovation, Integration and Implementation”, SEM always welcomes students from all over the world to come to China for further study and exchanges. We hope to provide diversified culture environment and cultivates global talents.

In the afternoon of the day, SEM arranged a bus tour for the new international students, showing the vigorous view of Shanghai and helping them to better adapt to the study life, cultural customs and local conditions in China. Moreover, the staff of International Cooperation and Accreditation Office of SEM has made careful arrangements, including online& offline counselling on registration process, campus tour, city tour, and group medical examination, to do the best to make every international student to have a sense of belonging.

X Thank you for your interest in Master of Global Management, Tongji University!