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Safety tips for Labor Day Holiday

Tue, Apr 30, 2024

According to the relevant notice of the university, International Labor Day Holiday will be a total of 5 days off, from May 1st to 5th. The teaching work arrangement on May 2nd (Thursday) will be switched to April 28 (Sunday), and the teaching work arrangement on May 3rd (Friday) will be switched to May 11th (Saturday), that is, classes and work on April 28 and May 11.

Below are some security tip:
1) Obey Chinese laws and all rules and regulations of TJU and respect Chinese Customs. Keep the hard-working and guarantee the attendance.
2) Due to the warming climate and the changing temperature, all kinds of diseases occur frequently in spring. The safety of food is related to people’s health and even threatens the safety of life. Therefore, we must pay attention to food hygiene and prevent illnesses.
3)Please do not go to overcrowded tourist attractions, downtown areas, etc, lest any stampede take place.
4)Beware of any messages or calls of fraud
5)Please take care of your valuables, such as laptop, camera, cell phones, etc. Make sure lock the windows, drawers and doors before you leave. Check the water, electricity before leaving the house or dorm.

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